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A Christian Perspective on Abortion

What about when the life of the mother is in danger? What about when the child is said to have a severe deformity? Is there ever a time when abortion is morally or ethically okay?

This week on the Straight Truth Podcast Dr. Richard Caldwell and host Dr. Josh Philpot help us think through this very difficult issue that causes strife and arguments between believers and non-believers. Dr. Caldwell tells us that these types of circumstances related to pregnancy are much rarer than the promoters of abortion want us to think. They want us to believe that these things happen all the time. In fact, the statistics for these kinds of situations are very rare. Dr. Caldwell says when we set out to have these discussions about abortion we need to deal with honest and truthful information.

Dr. Caldwell says that he would never suggest an abortion in any circumstance.  What he says is, in the difficult circumstance where the life of the mother and baby are at stake, he believes that a doctor should attempt to save both lives. If in the attempt to save both lives there’s a loss of life of the child, then that is not an abortion. This was an unsuccessful attempt to save a life. He also says that where there’s a diagnosis of deformity or other, it is never acceptable to abort a child.  The culture we are living in has forgotten God is the giver of life. God is the creator, of both the original creation and of the gift of life in the womb. God’s plan includes loving children who have special needs.

God is Sovereign.

Something else that is often forgotten, or not even acknowledged, is that God is sovereign. He is sovereign over every event and circumstance of our lives; accidents are not happening in His creation. Dr. Caldwell shares that even in these difficult and challenging circumstances there is a purpose so we must choose to trust God and recognize that they are not accidental. We must see the hand of God at work in our life, go to the Word of God, and ask what is the obedient way to respond to these circumstances.

Dr. Philpot asks Dr. Caldwell to help us understand what is it within Christian families or within the life of a Christian woman that would cause either of them to consider an abortion, healthy or otherwise. Dr. Caldwell responds by saying that it would be any number of things. It might be an attempt to eliminate shame. It may be the fear of man or fear of other things. It can even be out of selfishness. No matter how we look at it or attempt to give it reason, pride is at the root of all of these. Dr. Caldwell walks us through these three specific manifestations (shame, fear, selfishness) of our sin and gives us detailed biblical ways that we need to respond and deal with each of them. 

We Ought to Examine our Salvation.

He also says that if we find ourselves as being tempted to think about abortion in these ways or even considering abortion as a Christian, we ought to examine our salvation. We need to ask ourselves some very hard questions. Do I really know Christ? Do I have it in my heart to please God? Because if I have it in my heart to please God, I’m going to seek a biblical solution to the problems that my sin has introduced into my life.

Lastly, Dr. Philpot asks Dr. Caldwell to speak to the woman who has had an abortion in the past and has now come to know the Lord.  Dr. Caldwell says to any woman who has gone through this, if you know Christ and you have an abortion in your past, you have to know that Christ died for that, you’re forgiven. You have to believe this with all your heart and accept that forgiveness is real because it is. 

The wonderful thing is, from God’s vantage point, forgiveness is real whether we believe it or not, whether we can sense it, feel it or know it. We have to get our emotions in line with this truth. So to the woman who has had an abortion and she now knows Christ, Dr. Caldwell wants to say to his sister, “You are forgiven in Christ Jesus. But now, go forward and sin no more, stand for what is true and be helpful to others."

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  1. Im married with 3 children. I fell pregnant with my forth. I had an abortion out of fear. Thinking i couldnt handle a 4th. I was in shock & I ran in fear. Im seeking God for forgiveness & grieving my loss. Im working with a counsellor & have repented for my terrible decision. Now I want a baby. What do I do? If my husband agrees, would it be wrong to try for another?

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