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Am I Being Called To Be A Missionary?

This week on the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Josh Philpot has questions for Dr. Richard Caldwell about being a missionary. In one sense, every Christian is a missionary in that we are to share the good news of Christ with others. But most of us will never leave our country of birth to do that as our full-time vocation. So how does someone become a missionary? Is being a missionary based solely on someone having a desire for that work? Or, is there a specific call to be a missionary that is separate or distinct from a call to ministry work? How would someone know if they are being called to be a full-time missionary?

Dr. Caldwell answers these questions by presupposing that the person who has this desire probably already has had a call to ministry work. In that, they have already been serving faithfully in their local church. They are men well known by their elder body, meeting the qualifications for ministry, and have exhibited gifts for ministry work in the life of the church. (For further information on the call to ministry, watch our podcast on “How To Evaluate A Pastor” and listen to the sermons linked with it there)

Dr. Caldwell says that when considering being a missionary, you want to have a mature perspective of missions work. Missions work is not easy, and the cost of the missionary lifestyle should be counted and assessed carefully. It should not be idealized to be easier than it really will be. There will be things in the mission field that you just do not know until you get there.

Obviously, there needs to be a desire for missionary work; it should be something you want to do. Scripture, providence, and desire are all most helpful when considering missionary work. They are also pretty good indications of God’s leading.

 If you are married, there needs to be unity in this decision. Both husband and wife should have this desire to go. If children are involved, consider them and the pressures they will likely face.

Dr. Caldwell asks, how are you going to go? Is your church going to send you, or are you considering going through a mission-sending agency? If an agency sends you, you will want to ascertain that they are faithful with the Word of God. Many will not represent your own doctrinal convictions, and over time, this will cause issues. So make sure that whoever sends you that you agree with their doctrinal positions.

Dr. Caldwell does not see a separate calling for missionary work relating to Scripture. He believes it is part of the calling and giftedness for the ministry of proclamation. Doing missionary work is doing ministry work. It involves evangelizing the lost, discipling those who have been won, and teaching them the whole counsel of God. It just usually happens in a different location than your country of birth. This being the case, missionary work may even include a language barrier. If the country you go to does not have the same primary language you do, you will need to be prepared. You may want to study and learn the language before going. You will need to have the ability to pick up and learn other languages. If you are unable to do this, you will be very limited.

Participating in the great commission does not require us to get on an airplane to cross land and sea to make disciples. However, it does require that we be faithful and obedient wherever the Lord calls us to serve. Missionary work is hard, and the lifestyle can be very difficult. One will need to carefully consider all these things by being prayerful and seeking counsel as they seek to honor, obey and participate in God’s mission this way.

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