Anthony Kidd on the Sovereignty of God in Election and Beyond

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Anthony Kidd on the Sovereignty of God in Election and Beyond

In this episode of the Straight Truth Podcast, we are talking with Anthony Kidd about the Sovereignty of God in Election and Beyond.

This season on the Straight Truth Podcast we are conducting interviews with special guests from recent conferences held at Founders Baptist Church. This week, Anthony Kidd, Pastor of Faith Bible Church and Professor at Los Angeles Bible Training School, joins Dr. Richard Caldwell. Dr. Caldwell starts off asking Anthony to talk to us about his exposure to the doctrines of grace and what that journey was like.

Anthony tells us that shortly after he was saved he started listening to John MacArthur on the radio. One teaching that aired was John teaching from Romans 1. This was his first exposure, and it was on the doctrine of total depravity. As he continued to listen to Johns teachings, he was introduced to other teachers where he could go listen and read, one of those was R.C. Sproul. He tells us that he got hold of one of R.C.'s books, Chosen By God. In this book, he was exposed to more understanding of the doctrines of grace. But more specifically he says, that book got a hold of him and exploded his thinking as an Arminian.

He goes on to say he saw it as biblical but was challenged because the scriptures were scattered throughout. Pastor Kidd wanted to go to the bible to be able to validate what he was learning, and this is what he did. He sat down with a couple of people, some limited resources and started studying in the book of Ephesians. What he found there made his journey pretty quick without much pushback, because it was there in the scriptures, in the Word of God.

Limited Atonement

Dr. Caldwell next asks Anthony to explain which of the five doctrines of grace was the hardest for him to embrace. Anthony responds and says like many others it was limited atonement. He tells us he can’t remember who it was that he read that pressed it home for him, but it was like the last domino that fell. It was a turning point and it came when he saw that it was about the importance of understanding God’s intention in the atonement, the design of it and what God was actually achieving.

Lastly, Dr. Caldwell asks Anthony how he suggests introducing these doctrines to a church congregation, and to tell us how these doctrines have impacted his preaching, ministry, and him personally. Anthony tells us that he sees the importance of being expository in his preaching instead of laboring to preach theological systems. As you carefully and prayerfully preach from Genesis to Revelation you will come across these doctrines and as you do you point your people to them, tying them to the sovereignty of God. Dr. Caldwell shares that this is good because as you come to each book you’re going to be reminding the people that this is the Word of God, it’s inerrant, it’s sufficient, it’s authoritative, and whatever it teaches this is what we believe.

Anthony then says yes this is true, we are going to go where the Bible takes us; we might get uncomfortable, we might have to wrestle with some of this, and it may push against some sinful tendencies we have. But we need to be patient, and we need to go there, being patient with the congregation as God has been with us.

Understanding the sovereignty of God

Anthony tells us that he can't say one particular doctrine of grace has shaped how he preaches, goes about ministry work, and lives out life. More importantly, he says it’s been understanding the sovereignty of God. So that whatever he might see at any given time in ministry and life, good or not so good by human perspective, he knows that God is sovereignly working. God is going to accomplish His purposes by His sovereign grace, His goodness, and His kindness as He uses broken jars of clay.

Anthony explains that it was as he listened to Sinclair Ferguson teaching through Ephesians 1, talking about what the doctrines of grace should do to the Christian, it was incredibly humbling. Seeing that it is all of God, and then seeing the wonder in it that we get to participate in the unfolding of His plan, is all just so very humbling. He finds it comforting and encouraging that God is in control; knowing that each individual's part is to remain faithful in all areas of life, growing in your own sanctification as you do life with others, and always trusting the Lord for the results.

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