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Are Some People Created For Damnation?

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Are Some People Created For Damnation?

Has God created people knowing that they will be damned? If God creates someone knowing that they will be damned, why does He create them at all? Isn't this unjust of God to create people who will be damned to hell for eternity?

Is it just, is it right for God to create people knowing that they will become sinners and stay sinners? Eventually, thus to be penalized and committed to eternal damnation and hell? This is the question raised for discussion on this episode of the Straight Truth Podcast. Dr. Josh Philpot presents this question to Dr. Richard Caldwell and asks if it is just for God to do this sort of thing.

Dr. Caldwell does not give an immediate answer to the question. He says that we, as people, especially as believers, need to just let the Bible answer our questions, not philosophize over them. We need to come humbly and submissively to the Word of God, allowing it to give us the biblical answers. He explains one of the ways he knows the Bible is being correctly taught, is when the questions that get asked are the same questions that Scripture anticipates.

For example, he shares that in Romans 9, the Apostle Paul is dealing with the whole issue of the sovereignty of God in salvation. His teachings include God's foreknowledge, predestination, etc. Also included are the arguments and questions that arise in response to these doctrines. Paul has anticipated these arguments and questions he will run up against as a result of this teaching, and it is here that Dr. Caldwell turns to for the answers.

There Is No Injustice On God's Part

Dr. Caldwell turns first to Romans 9:14-15 and reads. The first answer given by Paul here is that there is no injustice on God's part. Dr. Caldwell goes on to explain the answers to the questions by expositing verses 15 through 18. Most importantly, he shows from the text, that God has the right to have compassion on and to show mercy to whomever He wants. Dr. Caldwell further explains, what Paul makes clear is that salvation is not explained by human will or human effort. Salvation is explained by God alone. What is preeminent in Gods saving acts, is God's own glory, God's own name; this is what God is putting on display.

Okay, God is putting His glory on display in our salvation. But how then can God justly damn people who are simply fulfilling His will? Dr. Caldwell shows us that Paul also answers this question in verses 19 and 20. However, before explaining the answer, he reminds us again of the importance of coming to the Bible in humility and remembering that God is the Creator and that we are those whom He has created.

We must acknowledge that God is altogether righteous, holy, good, and just. We, as creatures are not these things; we are sinners. Dr. Caldwell then asks, how can we, as sinful creatures, judge the Creator, who is perfect in all His ways? Elsewhere in Scripture proclaimed as Holy Holy Holy, by holy angels. Are we in any position to cast judgment upon God? The answer is a resounding no! He goes on to say that we can do nothing but close our mouths and simply accept the explanations that God gives us in His Word.

A Question Of Significant Importance

As Dr. Caldwell moves on and reads verse 21, he pauses to explain that this is a crucial verse to understand the larger question of the injustice of God. He gives a brief but helpful process of thinking about how God's order of decrees function. He explains how this thought process brings us to a question of significant importance. What is the order that God has decreed as it relates to creation, the fall, and salvation?

In answering the question, he tells us that Romans 9:21 seems to indicate what takes place after the fall. That after the fall, what God now deals with in regards to human beings, is this one lump of clay. This lump of clay represents all of humanity, standing before God fallen. Now then, the question we ask, is will we all be damned, or will God, in His mercy and compassion, choose to save some?

Moving on in his exposition and giving biblical answers, Dr. Caldwell explains verses 22-26. He describes how these verses now indicate the order in which the degrees function. God, in His mercy and compassion, with all of fallen humanity before Him, has chosen to save some. Yet this gives us no reason to express hatred towards God for choosing only to save some. Quite the opposite, this is a reason to praise God for having mercy upon any of us, because every one us deserved damnation. Therefore, this is truly a reason for praise owed to God.

Mercy Is Not Something Owed

Lastly, Dr. Caldwell says we are standing in the wrong place when we ask how does God have a right to do this. We can only rightly stand when we understand that God has a right to do whatever He wants. The fact that He has shown mercy to any of us is just that it is mercy. Mercy is not something owed. It is not something we deserved. It is compassion, and for this, we give God thanks. For those asking these kinds of questions, he says that they should not get wrapped up in all the various philosophies that have tried to address these questions. He encourages us instead to go to the Scriptures and ask how does the Bible answer this. Then we must humble ourselves to be content with the answers the Bible gives.

While this can be difficult to grasp, we can cling to what we know: God has revealed Himself in His Word, it is here also that He reveals who we are. His nature and character are on display throughout the Scriptures, as are those of man. God is righteous, holy, good, and just; we are not. He is sovereign, and He is merciful. His sovereignty and mercy do not contradict one another and do make God unjust.

We can trust and believe that everything He does and allows is ultimately for His glory. We rejoice and give thanks, praising God for who He is and what He has done for us in Christ Jesus. May we join Paul in his great doxology in Romans 11:33-36 as he begins, “Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom of God!", and as he ends, “For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be glory forever. Amen.”(ESV - pronoun capitalization added by the writer)

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