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Are Some Sins Worse Than Others?

Are Some Sins Worse Than Others?

Does God view all sin the same? Are there some sins that are worse than others? Are the consequences and punishment the same for all sins?

This week on the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Richard Caldwell and host Dr. Josh Philpot discuss these questions about sin. Dr. Caldwell tells us that there are definitely indications that there are some sins worse than others. Yet, regarding the consequence and punishment for sin, all sin is equally damnable. All sin falls short of God’s glory. All sin is worthy of God’s wrath. In this sense, it is all the same. Where sin differs is in regards to its weightiness, its effects, and repercussions in the human realm.

Dr. Caldwell reads Matthew 23:23-24. He walks us through how Jesus reveals the weightiness of particular sins in these verses of Scripture. Dr. Caldwell also shares the difference that Jesus makes clear between the physical act of adultery and the lustful thoughts of the mind. This reveals a difference. No one would argue that the immediate repercussions of the lustful sin that takes place in the mind are equal to that of committing physical adultery. So there are some sins worse than others.

The Sin Of Not Loving God

Dr. Caldwell goes on to discuss the two greatest commandments as mentioned by Jesus in the New Testament. He helps us look at how the sin of not loving God as we should, is the sin that gives birth to all other sins. Not loving God as we should carries forward and is reflected in our mistreatment of people. Dr. Caldwell says when we understand these commandments rightly, we’ve gotten to the core, to the root of the sinfulness of sin in terms of its effects.

Therefore all sin deserves to be damned eternally. However, if we speak in terms of the punishment for sins, there does appear to be a difference. The New Testament does indicate that there are gradations in the realm of eternal punishments. There is a weightiness of what we have been exposed to, what we are responsible for. The more light we have received, the more responsibility we have before God. The Scriptures appear to indicate this by the way they speak of both rewards and punishments.

Dr. Philpot and Dr. Caldwell discuss a text from the Old Testament that speaks of sins committed with a high hand. Dr. Philpot understands the text to speak of some kind of greater sins; he likens it to what Dr. Caldwell has explained about the difference between lust and adultery. Dr. Caldwell says this is a great point because there are times where we sin like this. Some sins we commit are sort of without forethought. These sins seem to come about momentarily.

Sins That Involve Forethought

Yet, there are other sins that people commit that they have given great thought to. These other sins often involve people planning for them to come to pass or to be accomplished. These sins involve forethought, premeditation, and presumption. Dr. Caldwell says surely, there is a difference between this kind of sin and that of someone just caught up in a moment.

All sin is serious, and every sin is deadly because all sin transgresses the law of God. Every sin is equally damning in terms of its consequence – death. But as Dr. Caldwell and Dr. Philpot have discussed, the Bible reveals that there are some sins worse than others when it comes to the impact and effect they have here in the human realm. If sin is not dealt with here in this temporal realm, those living in unrepented sin will be dealt with, fully and finally, when Christ returns. The punishment that results for those who are not saved will be eternal damnation. The degree that will be suffered by those in hell for sins may be greater or lesser in terms of the judgment they warrant.

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