Are There Spiritual Realities at Work in Sickness and Disease?

Are There Spiritual Realities at Work in Sickness and Disease? | Watch This Episode on YouTube


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Are There Spiritual Realities at Work in Sickness and Disease?

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Are There Spiritual Realities at Work in Sickness and Disease?

Was the demonic activity and possession during the times of Jesus's time on earth different or unique? Do demons really exist within the spiritual realm today? Are people affected by demonic influence? Can physical and mental illnesses be explained by demonic possession or influence?

This week on the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Richard Caldwell and Dr. Josh Philpot discuss the topic of demonic possession. The particular focus is on a listener's question as to how this would relate to physical and mental illness today, but also touch on demonic influence in temptation, and the inaccurate, and unhealthy focus that many have with the demonic realm.  Dr. Caldwell answers the main question by the listener, in short, by saying not all sicknesses are related to demonic possession or influence.

Both Dr. Philpot and Dr. Caldwell give examples from the Bible, from the Gospel of Mark, where we can read of this kind of activity taking place. Dr. Caldwell tells us it is reasonable and understandable, that when we read the New Testament, that these kinds of questions would come to our minds. Today these kinds of issues, that Jesus dealt with, would be either diagnosed as mental illnesses or some sort of physical malady. Looking at the example Dr. Caldwell shares from Mark 9:17-23, he says it is easy to think that this is epilepsy or something similar to that.

 Make Clear Who Jesus Was and Is

He shares that what we read about in the New Testament pages of Scripture is definitely different and unique. The manifestation that is described here is most likely given to say something about Christ, more than about the demons. It’s told in such a way to make clear who Jesus was and is. That’s not to say that demons don’t exist today, they do, they are still in this world and active at this time. So some of what is being diagnosed as mental illness or even in some cases as physical problems may have a demonic connection.

It is possible, we just don’t know and have no way of knowing, because there are physical problems that have nothing to do with demons as Scripture also shows. We live in bodies of flesh that are subject to sickness, illnesses, diseases, and ultimately death, due to the fall. Therefore, we should never discourage people from seeing a doctor, taking appropriate medicines and those things that are necessary to assist in remedy.

What we do know as Christians, for those who already know Christ and are living for Him, is we are not demon-possessed. A Christian cannot be demon-possessed because we have the Spirit of Christ living in us. So then, if the problem were to be demonic, the answer for that person is to know Christ. It is salvation in Christ that is needed; the answer for that person is to hear, know, receive, believe, and submit to the call of the gospel.

The Spiritual Realm is Real

So, says Dr. Caldwell the spiritual realm is real, and demons do exist within it. People are affected by demonic influence, and it is possible that someone can be demon-possessed. But not all physical and mental illnesses are explained by demon possession or influence. He reminds us to take seriously the warnings that God has given us about our spiritual enemy. We are to do battle with the enemy but not through verbal confrontation with them. We are not given commands or instructions to interact with demons in any way! We are to take advantage of all that God has supplied us with in Christ and the Word of God. We are to battle with what God has given and directed us, our spiritual armor. We are to put it on and stand firm on the ground of the truth.

Dr. Philpot and Dr. Caldwell go on to discuss satanic and demonic influence when it comes to temptation in the life of a Christian, with Dr. Caldwell saying that the Bible is gloriously vague about most of this. Yet he gives some thoughts on the subject. They also discuss the infatuation or uncanny fascination many have with latching on to ideas about demon possession, the manifestation of demons and demonic activity.

Dr. Caldwell says much of the problem appears to be that many are caught up in the power of the visual, and with the visual comes misinformation and inaccurate presentation. He tells us that we don’t need to have a manifestation of something in the physical realm to prove what Jesus or the Bible says is true. The Word of God can and will stand on its’ own. God’s people must place their focus not on experiences, but on the Word of God itself.

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