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Biblical Truth About Infant Baptism

This week on the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Richard Caldwell and host, Dr. Josh Philpot discuss the question: Is infant baptism a sin? A listener has written in asking the question. It appears the listener adheres to believer’s baptism as what they find Scriptures to teach. They understand that they can fellowship with other believers from other denominations that practice and administer infant baptism. But they want to know, are those fellow believers sinning if they baptize their babies?

Dr. Caldwell says these are issues that matter and we should never treat them as though they don’t. Our teaching on this and other certain issues are consequential and we need to acknowledge this, to ourselves and to those we teach it. He gives us an example of his particular teaching on marriage and divorce. He explains that even though good brothers disagree on this issue, it also is not without consequence. He explains that if he is wrong on the issue, then he is restricting people in an area where God has set them free.

On the other hand, if he is right on the issue then he has some brothers that are participating in an act of sin. Whichever way they go on the issue, they can agree and acknowledge that neither of them purposely wants to violate scripture, but both cannot be right. So it cannot be said that it does not matter, because it does. The issue with baptism is the same.

The Gospel and The Word of God are Things That Must be Agreed Upon

In the issue of baptism, we can have fellowship with other brothers (and sisters) who believe and teach differently about it. But our friendships must first be based on what’s most important; that is Christ. Christ, the gospel and the Word of God are things that must be agreed upon. Dr. Caldwell gives us an example of the friendship between John MacArthur and the late R.C. Sproul. He reminds us that they both agreed on these things. Even when it came to the issue of baptism they both agreed that the only and final standard that mattered is Scripture. Both men looked to the Word of God to get their answer, they just didn’t agree with what they found there.

Dr. Caldwell says the mistake he sees that is being made regarding infant baptism, is that an argument is being made from silence. Those who practice infant baptism say, the Scriptures seem to imply this, and the Scriptures do not forbid it. But what they cannot do is point to a single New Testament text that clearly indicates that infants were or are to be baptized. However, there are clear New Testament texts that indicate the baptism of believers. Dr. Caldwell explains that what baptism signifies and what it pictures has everything to do with regeneration, new birth, new life in Christ. This then is just not something that makes sense when practiced or administered to infants.

Hold People Accountable

He makes the point that you can’t take one of the ordinances that Christ has given His church and misrepresent it and misapply it without on some level being sinful. If we take anything God has given and we misunderstand it, misappropriate it, misuse it and hold people accountable for something that isn’t His word, there’s a sinful element to that. However, would we say that those denominations that practice and administer infant baptism are doing it intentionally? No, he says, not at all and this would not be a matter over which we should break fellowship with someone. Unless of course, they are someone who is saying that water baptism saves (either of infant or adult). This is not the gospel, this would result in a break, a real break!

Dr. Philpot jumps in and reminds us that baptism is essential because it’s a command of Jesus, so we have to do it. He also reminds us that the book of James even teaches that for those who teach the Word of God there is higher accountability for what they teach. They have a responsibility and duty to teach it accurately. So it’s not without consequence, it’s very serious and could be sinful. He then says there may even be other areas where we are blind from time to time, where we are leading people in the wrong direction.

There Needs to be Humility

Dr. Caldwell agrees and also reminds us that there needs to be humility when it comes to these things. We need to be constantly open before the Lord to see the truth even if it means that we have to change our positions. We need to be willing to look honestly into the Scriptures and say, what does the Bible expressly teach. He says that in all our areas of worship we need to be very careful of saying, “well the Bible doesn’t forbid it, therefore, I’m free to do it”. That’s not a safe way to approach it; God’s Word tells us that “whatever is not of faith, is sin”.

We need to know what we believe and why we believe it. We need to ask the Lord to show us the way we should walk, and then walk in it. We need to operate in the church and our lives on the truth that God has made expressly clear, these truths come from His word not from tradition or denominations.

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