Can a Christian Woman Who Is Faithful at Home, Become a Workaholic?

Can a Christian Woman Who Is Faithful at Home, Become a Workaholic? | Watch This Episode on YouTube


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Can a Christian Woman Who Is Faithful at Home, Become a Workaholic?

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Can a Christian Woman Who Is Faithful at Home, Become a Workaholic?

Proverbs 31 introduces us to a very industrious woman. She is busy in the home and outside the home. She takes care of her children, her husband, her servants, and others in need. She even appears to run a business from her home, that enables her to care well for her family. Can a Christian woman in today’s society do all these things? What if she has young children in her home? How can a woman maintain a healthy balance? How is she able to avoid becoming a workaholic? These questions are this week’s topic for the Straight Truth Podcast. Dr. Richard Caldwell and Dr. Josh Philpot discuss the qualities of the Proverbs 31 woman. More intently, they focus on the role and responsibilities of women, those who have children in the home and of those whose children are grown and no longer live at home.

Dr. Caldwell explains that the woman of Proverbs 31 is the ideal woman. The woman described here represents a goal and an ambition for which godly women can strive. She can be a worker at home that’s caring for her family while being industrious and caring for others from her very own home. Yet, she can also become a workaholic in and amidst her own home. Dr. Caldwell gives some examples of how this can happen. One example he gives is of a woman whose focus becomes distracted and unbalance on the spotlessness and perfection of order in her home, over the love and nurture of the souls that she is to be caring for there.

Giving Your Best

He explains that the things we give our attention to must be prioritized, otherwise, even as Christian women, we can feel like a failure. A woman’s success as a mom, mother, and wife is not to be measured by the immaculacy of your home. Women need to take in everything that God has assigned them and keep those things proportional. Then they need to make sure that they are giving your best in each of those areas in a way that represents a balanced understanding of those assignments.

There will be times that a woman’s children are grown and have moved outside the home. This may be a time that a woman will go to work outside the home. This may be for any number of reasons such as financial need, to gain a new set of skills, for social reasons or other. Could the biblical roles of husband and wife become usurped or reversed when this happens? Dr. Caldwell says this absolutely can happen.

He takes us back to Genesis 3, which is after the fall. He explains how in the curses God declares to Adam and Eve, there is an impact that specifically affects the man in his work life and an impact that specifically affects the woman in her domestic life.

An Unpopular Truth

Yet, regardless of the fall, he reminds us of the responsibility that man has been given as the husband to provide and protect, and homemaking has been given to the wife. This truth carries through the New Testament; it’s not popular, it’s not culturally acceptable to say so, but it’s true none the less. So even if a husband and wife agree that the woman is going to work outside the home, they need to be sure that it happens in a way that their roles are not reversed and confused.

Dr. Caldwell takes a moment to challenge Christian women who arrive at this stage of life where children are no longer in the home. He encourages them if they do not need to work for the extra income, to consider how they might otherwise use their time. He suggests the opportunities to counsel, mentor, teach, and maybe even just coming along and helping younger mothers with their children.

There may be places to help in ministry in and around the church. There are lots of opportunities that can be considered before just taking a job. There may be another kind of work that a woman can take and give herself to that will be satisfying to her own heart, but also one that will advance the Kingdom of God in some way. Whatever the situation might be, the wife needs to be sure that she’s faithful to love her husband, in taking care of the home and being careful not to confuse her priorities about what comes first.

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