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Christian Advice For Young Men and Young Women

This week on the Straight Truth Podcast host, Dr. Josh Philpot questions Dr. Richard Caldwell about young people. He says that society at large is not improving; it is not getting better but seems to be getting worse. This presents challenges for all Christians for sure, but definitely some very different challenges that weren’t as prevalent in years past for the younger people of our day. Dr. Philpot asks Dr. Caldwell to share what he believes to be the biggest challenges for young men and young women today?

Dr. Caldwell believes the biggest issue for both groups, young men and young women, is disconnection. The young people of today are disconnected from generational instruction. He shares that what has come with the explosion of sexual immorality in our culture is an implosion of the nuclear family. Families are fractured all around us; the result is a lack of fatherly and motherly instruction. This has perpetuated a great breakdown of respect across the board of the younger generation towards the older generation. What gets lost in this is the wisdom and experience that older people bring. By having no respect for older people, young people cannot benefit from their knowledge and experience; this is a great danger.

However, says Dr. Caldwell, this isn’t only a problem in society at large. He also sees it in the realm of the church. There is an attitude among many young people as if spiritual life just sort of began with them. If there is something they don't know or are unsure about, they determine they will make up their own minds about it. They go about this by studying, reading, listening to podcasts and sermons on YouTube. Often neglecting to live their lives in the context of a local church and among family, where they can be taught, guided, and instructed.

Instead, they live their lives out in a sort of isolated, self-willed, self-directed kind of experience. This then bleeds over into many other areas of their lives – marriage, raising children, how friendships are regarded, recreational things, what they engage in the culture, etc. In all these areas, there is a danger where one is not willing to be taught anything, it is pride, and it is destructive.

Dr. Caldwell next shares some specific guidance for young men. In the New Testament, young men are, specifically, tasked with being submissive to their elders. This, he says, tells him that young men struggle with authority. So one of the greatest qualities he would like to see built into young men's lives is respect. They need to be learners, teachable, and have hearts of humility. A young man who respects authority, experience, and age, will benefit from it for a lifetime. Dr. Caldwell gives several examples where a young man’s life can be impacted by giving heed to this.

Concerning young women, Dr. Caldwell says it's important that they not be led astray by feminism but instead embrace the biblical model of womanhood. They are to be key players in their home, loving and caring for their husbands and children as Christian women. He also tells them not to buy into the egalitarian movement within the church culture. Young women can do these things by knowing and understanding what God has made women do and be.

Dr. Caldwell says maybe, just maybe, the front burner issue is- Will men be men and women be women according to the will of our Creator? He believes that many of the challenging issues young men and women face today have a genesis in their upbringing. They have not seen these God-given roles modeled and lived out properly in their homes. Dr. Caldwell believes this is where older, godly, wise, biblically saturated people can be so helpful to the younger generation if they are willing to listen to them.

Lastly, Dr. Caldwell also offers some advice for the older generation. He emphasizes that they need to not put up such a grumpy old man front. They need to realize the strength in younger men that the New Testament speaks of. In them, there is courage, boldness, and a willingness to risk for the Kingdom of God that often dissipates from the older generation. Older men need to be able to applaud what is good about the younger generation and be humble enough to be good helpers to them.

No matter what age we are, embracing what the Scriptures have to say about our lives and what God requires of us is the answer to most, if not all, of the challenging issues we will face in this life. Often this is easier said than done because pride inhibits us. But if we will turn and humbly seek the Lord, He hears us. It is from Him that abundant grace flows to enable us to walk in a manner that honors and pleases Him.

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