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Christian Leadership in Secular Workplaces

What does it look like to be a Christian in a leadership role in a secular workplace? How can one effectively embody Christian values in a leadership role within the secular work environment? How much of our Christian values, ethics, and influence of the Scriptures on our lives drive what we do in the workplace, and how much should we make this known? These questions will be discussed in this week’s episode of the Straight Truth Podcast. Join Dr. Josh Philpot and Dr. Richard Caldwell as they seek to guide us to think biblically about these issues and encourage us to apply and live out the Word of God in all that we do.

Dr. Caldwell says that we must lead by example. This is as true for believers as it is for anyone seeking to be a leader who instructs, directs, and guides others. Our example is always going to precede our influence with words. This is probably the most influence we will ever have in the secular workplace. We want to be notably different than the people around us. What is our attitude in our workplaces? Do we have joy when we come to work, and do we show up with a desire to serve well? Are we hard workers, conscientious, and honest? Do we make time for the people we work with, time for those we either work for or that work for us? Are we available? These are things that allow us to form relationships and have conversations, even providing opportunities to share the gospel, our testimonies, and the reason for the hope that we have. But, to live contrary to these things in the workplace where people see, hear, and watch us is not helpful. If we don't set an example and model that there is something different in us than others in our workplace, we don't and won't make good witnesses. They might hear us when we talk about Jesus. But all that will be in their minds is what we have exhibited in our attitudes, behaviors, actions, and values.

How much of what we do being explicitly based on our Christian beliefs and how much of that we share in the workplace will depend on how much freedom we have to do that. If someone owns their own business, it will look very different than working for someone else in a leadership role. Each situation will depend on what you’re afforded as an opportunity and how much freedom you have in your workplace environment. What’s important to remember in any position of leadership is that it’s a position that can be misused even if you own your own business. The New Testament has passages that exhort slaves to serve their masters well and those that exhort masters to remember that they have a Master in heaven. All this is to say that no matter what your position of leadership is in the workplace, there is still work that needs to be done. Responsibilities need to be fulfilled, and at some point, this has to be the focus of your efforts. Those in leadership positions are held to higher standards. So we get to work and work in such a way that expresses our faith in Christ, but we still work. And as Christians, we remember we aren’t working to please men. In all that we do, we don’t do it to be men-pleasers, nor for the eyes of those who watch us; we do it for the Lord. So then, if we go about doing our work unto the Lord, our faith in Christ will influence everything we do.

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