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Degrees of Sin and The Punishment It Warrants

Degrees of Sin and The Punishment It Warrants

Does God view all sin the same? Are some sins worse than others? Will there be different degrees of punishment in hell for some?

In this episode of the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Richard Caldwell and host Dr. Josh Philpot seek to answer these questions about sin. They take us to the Bible for their responses and seek to show us how sinful sin really is. They seek to help us in how we think about sin and what our response to it should be.

Dr. Caldwell believes that there are indicators in the New Testament of different degrees that exist as they relate to punishments and rewards. Though Bible nowhere specifically states that there are different levels, it still seems to indicate this. Dr. Caldwell shares the example of Jesus as he contrasts Tyre and Sidon with Sodom and Gomorrah(Luke 10). The implication seems to be, with greater light comes greater responsibility, as also indicated by Hebrews 10:28.

Every sin is worthy of death from the standpoint of God’s holiness (Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23). Yet, all sins are not the same in terms of their effect in the human realm. The effects will not be the same in all relational spheres. When Christ speaks with the Pharisees about tithing the herbs of their gardens, He chastises them for neglecting the weightier matters of the Law. Here we learn when it comes to God's commands some things are weightier than others.

Dr. Caldwell wants us to stop and think about what makes sin sinful. When we think about disobeying and transgressing the commands of God, what really is the sinfulness of sin? It’s a bold attack against God Himself. Sin is a complete disregard of God's honor, His glory, His worthiness; it's the lacking of reverence for who He is. This makes sin exceedingly hateful. If we think about it from this standpoint, then even the smallest of transgressions would be something that we don’t want to be guilty of.

Dr. Caldwell speaks about the sin of lust and the sin of adultery as examples. He explains how Jesus, in the Scriptures, shows that sin begins in the mind and in the heart. Dr. Caldwell further shows how this sin is also coveting. He then explains how the book of Proverbs speaks of warning the young man about sexual sin and how it leads to the grave. The Proverbs go on to warn the young man about all sorts of things and how they are going to affect his life. So there’s this warning at the heart level about sin. There are also warnings of the repercussions that will come about in the physical life of the individual(s) who physically commits the sin. Lusting is a great sin and needs to be cut off at the level of our minds and our hearts. But to say that the relational effects of lust are entirely the same as the one who physically commits adultery would not be true.

Lastly, Dr. Caldwell and Dr. Philpot discuss the sermon on the mount given by Jesus. Jesus delivers this sermon using these words: ‘you have heard that it was said…’, ‘but I say…’. In these things He speaks of, He appears to be saying that these things are far greater than the people previously thought or had been taught. These sins aren’t just simple sins that happen externally. Jesus probes deep and points to the heart level of the commands. But, as Jesus shares in John 3, in conversation with Nicodemus, the only way one can truly obey God from this level is with a heart that has been transformed by the grace of God. When regeneration takes place in an individual's life, there is a new understanding of the Scriptures that comes with this new life. We come to understand that we can commit sin, not just by what we do with our bodies but also by what goes on in our minds. So then, at the deepest level, to obey God means taking hold of what goes on in our minds. We are to be killing sin, or it will be killing us.

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