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Did Adam Have Free Will?

Did Adam Have Free Will?

Before sinning in the garden, did Adam have free will; could he have made a different choice than the one he made? What difference is there for those who are justified and saved by grace through faith in Christ? The New Testament tells us that Abel, Adam and Eve’s son, had faith; did Adam have faith?

This week on the Straight Truth Podcast, the topic that will be discussed by Dr. Richard Caldwell and host Dr. Josh Philpot is free will. The question did Adam have free will, pertains to Adam choosing one way or the other in the garden of Eden. Was Adam of his own volition able to freely choose to do good or do evil? What did Adam lose when he sinned, how does it relate to our freedom to make choices? These questions and others will be discussed and answered.

Dr. Caldwell tells us that before the fall, Adam had the ability to obey God and the ability to disobey God. Adam could have chosen to obey and could have chosen not to obey. He had the capacity, and he chose not to obey. So then, before making this choice, Adam possessed a free moral agency. Immediately after choosing to sin(disobey), Adam lost the ability to obey God. But also lost was the ability to not sin. Adam was now a sinner. He became unable to please God in all that he would do. He would violate the laws of God, the commandments of God, and the desires of God. Thus, by choosing to disobey and sin against God, Adam plunged himself and all mankind after him into the bondage of sin and death.

Made New

What about a believer, someone who has been saved in Christ? What is the state of a Christian as compared to Adam? How is it different? Dr. Caldwell explains that salvation in Christ not only brings forgiveness of our sins but, we are also made new. We are new creations with new natures and new hearts. We now have the freedom to obey. However, because we still live in bodies of flesh, there is unredeemed humanness – there’s indwelling sin. While we gain back the ability to obey, the ability to sin remains. But thanks be to God, we will not stay in this condition, it is not our final state.

We will not be left in these bodies of death. By Christ, and through His resurrection, we are promised a resurrected body prepared for eternal life. A glorious state of being where we will have new bodies that match our new spiritual natures. This state, says Dr. Caldwell, will be superior to what Adam knew in the garden. The Apostle Paul points out that as we have borne the image of Adam so, with the coming glorification, we will bear the image of Jesus. This glorification brings with it the ability to only obey. We will no longer sin in our eternal state. Not only are we are saved, but secure forever and ever, with no possibility of a fall.

The New testament flushes these things out for us. It helps us to gain a better understanding of what took place in the garden of Eden and the ensuing condemnation and consequences. More than that, it brings the hope that was promised in Genesis 3:15, in the garden after the fall. It brings the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Understanding The First Man

The Apostle Paul shines some light on these things in the books of Romans and 1 Corinthians. In these passages of Scripture, Paul gives us a deeper understanding of the first man, Adam, and the last Adam, Jesus Christ, the God-man. Beyond these texts and those we read in Genesis 3-5, we are not told much about Adam after the fall. We may wonder what became of Adam, did he have faith before he died physically? Dr. Caldwell and Dr. Philpot discuss these things and give us thoughtful insights from the Scriptures. Dr. Caldwell says the Scriptures aren’t explicit whether Adam had faith or not. Yet, he believes some indicators do point to the presence of faith in Adam.

Scripture separates humanity into two groups: those in Adam and those in Christ. Before grace is given, everyone who has ever lived (except Jesus) is in Adam and thus is in bondage to sin and death. Without salvation in Christ, we will remain in this state, condemned to a second and eternal death. But if we know Christ and have been justified, we are not subject to this condemnation; we are new creatures and have a hope that is sure, eternal life.

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