Does God Still Speak Through Dreams and Visions?

"Does God Still Speak Through Dreams and Visions?" | Watch This Episode on YouTube


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"Does God Still Speak Through Dreams and Visions?" | Watch this episode on Vimeo

Does God Still Speak Through Dreams and Visions?

This week on the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Josh Philpot has some questions for Dr. Richard Caldwell regarding dreams and visions. The class Dr. Philpot teaches at Founders Baptist Church has been going through the book of Genesis, and they've been reading about Joseph's dreams and the ability to interpret them. He says that it's been a very interesting study. Dr. Philpot also shares that recently he read something about Bethel Church in Redding, CA, having begun something they’re calling The Dream Life School of Interpretation. This new school or teaching they're promoting appears to go even beyond the teachings and training that one would receive at their school of supernatural ministry. On Bethel's promotion page for this new school, they tell us that God often speaks to us through dreams and visions. They say that through our dreams God releases inspiration, innovation, invention, direction, wisdom, and much more from Heaven. They want people to learn the value of dreams and visions as a language of God so that they will be equipped with the gift of interpretation. But based on our reading and understanding of the Old and New Testaments, is this something the Scriptures call us to? Is God speaking to us through our dreams as He did with people like Joseph, Daniel, and others in the Old Testament and like Joseph, Mary’s husband-to-be, in the New Testament? Are we supposed to be seeking interpretation of our dreams and visions?


Dr. Caldwell says there's no doubt that God has spoken through dreams and visions in both the Old and New Testaments. None of us would deny that. So the answer he gives is not because he doesn’t believe that God is capable of doing such things because He has. God is the initiator of dreams, and He has communicated through them. What you have when you have prophets communicating with people through dreams, visions, and even direct words from God, is giving instruction, direction, correction, etc., during times when the Word of God was not yet complete. God was giving special revelation. Not only did God give them dreams and visions, but He also gave them the ability to understand and interpret them. Joseph makes this point clear in Genesis 40:8 when he states that interpretations belong to God. This is true for the Old and New Testaments, which comprise God's special revelation. But dreams and visions aren't the only means God used for communicating while His revelation was not yet complete. In the New Testament era, He used Apostles and Prophets guided by the Holy Spirit. When the Apostolic era passed and the New Testament came into being, God’s special revelation was finished; it was complete. What we have in our Bibles and hold in our hands today is truly supernatural. It is the divinely inspired and providentially preserved Word of God. And now, by the Spirit of God, His Word is understood and applied; this is how God speaks to us today. Therefore in light of these truths and more, Dr. Caldwell says he does not believe that God is communicating today with His people through dreams and visions.


Additionally, Dr. Caldwell shares from Jeremiah 23, where God acknowledges the legitimacy of dreams. People dreamed in Bible times, and people still have dreams today. But he points out that where God does this, His emphasis is on His Word He has spoken. Here, God likens His Word to fire and a hammer that shatters a rock. That Word that God has given to us we can read, hear, and know it’s from Him. We can be sure that what we're hearing when we hear the Word of God is the truth. Truth and error are determined by the Word of God, not by dreams and visions. Your dream can be the product of your imagination. It might be the product of your dinner the night before or even the product of the deceitfulness of your own heart. 


So while we can read the New Testament and find examples in the book of Acts where God used dreams and visions, we will not find teaching in any of the epistles where God’s people are instructed or directed to rely on dreams or visions for guidance. We need to be careful to distinguish between the descriptive and prescriptive revelation that God has given. We have the once for all faith that's been delivered to the saints, and we are to continually be being filled with the Spirit of God. We are to let the Word of God dwell in us richly, make our decisions based upon the Scriptures, and then apply the Word faithfully. This is what is prescriptive. What we have, as Peter says, is the prophetic word made more sure which we would do well to pay attention to as a lamp shining in a dark place until the day dawns and the morning star arises in your hearts. We need to acquaint ourselves with God’s Word, soak in it, be saturated with it, master it effectively, and live it out, not be carried away by trying to interpret dreams and visions.

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