Does One Need A Formal Education To Teach In The Church?

Does One Need A Formal Education To Teach In The Church? | Watch This Episode on YouTube


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Does One Need A Formal Education To Teach In The Church?

Does One Need A Formal Education To Teach In The Church?

This week on the Straight Truth Podcast, a listener writes that 1 John 2:26 and 27 seem to imply that we do not need someone formally educated to teach us the Bible. The listener then writes and asks does someone need to have a formal education to teach the Bible? Should men be required to have formal education, such as theological education, or have gone to seminary before they can minister or serve as a pastor? Dr. Josh Philpot, our host, presents Dr. Richard Caldwell with these questions and asks him to help us think through them as they may or may not relate to the verses shared.

Pastor Caldwell starts by telling us that the same Spirit of God who has given these verses in 1 John 2 has also given us verses and passages that speak of spiritual gifts given to the church. The spiritual gifts given include men, teaching, and preaching. So if the church didn't, and doesn't need, to be formally taught and instructed, and the men who would provide these things, why would the Spirit distribute gifts like that? So these verses in 1 John 2 are not teaching us that we don’t need teachers; that isn’t what they refer to.

The message that our pastors, preachers, and teachers share with us is the Word of God; it is not their opinions nor their ideas. These men have a weighty responsibility. They are to take God’s Word and deliver it accurately and are to convey it in the manner it is meant to be conveyed. They have a responsibility and duty to strive to rightly divide the Word of Truth that they do not have to be ashamed. To do this requires serious study and training; no one should be teaching the Word of God who doesn’t have training. This training may be formally available through a seminary at a church or elsewhere at an institutional seminary. Pastor Caldwell shares that there have been a few instances where it has not been formal training or instruction. But he confirms that in both cases, whether it is formal training or not, it is still training that gets done. There is always training or mentorship that takes place before someone is ready to do ministry. The thought or idea that men are not trained before beginning to pastor, preach, and teach is not a New Testament concept. Pastor Caldwell shares a few examples from the Scriptures that we may see and understand the importance of the training and instruction required.

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