Dr. Richard Caldwell, the founder and principal voice of the Straight Truth podcast, is currently Senior Pastor-Teacher and an elder at Founders Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, where he has served since 1998. Prior to Founders, he enjoyed a ten-year pastorate in Elgin, Texas, outside of Austin. Dr. Caldwell’s passion and gifting lies in the area of verse-by-verse exposition of God’s Word, and its practical application to everyday life.

Dr. Caldwell holds an M.Div. from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a D.Min. from The Master’s Seminary. He also serves as the campus pastor of The Expositors Seminary, which has a campus at Founders Baptist Church.

He and his wife, Jacque, have been married since May of 1983 and have four children: Richie, Amber Ramirez, Chris, and Reagan.

Dr. Caldwell’s media ministry, Walking In Grace, produces the Straight Truth podcast, the Walking in Grace podcast, Dr. Caldwell’s books/study guides and devotionals, as well as other practical resources. You can find more information at www.walkingingrace.org. You can also download video and audio sermons from Pastor Caldwell at SermonAudio.com.

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  1. Hi Dr. Caldwell, I started one of your bible study plans on youversion, “how to deal with my rebellious teen” although we aren’t struggling with our teen in this area, and she is a believer, i still look for “parenting bible studies” frequently to help me navigate these teen years and hopefully “get in front of” potential pitfalls. I’ve really enjoyed this study so far and the wisdom you and the other speakers have shared. But something you said really caught my attention. You said, “Many times, the goal as Christian parents is that our kids become faithful followers of Christ. That should be every parent’s desire, but that is not the ultimate goal. The bottom line is, we’re not in control of that. “ I’m pretty sure one of the first thoughts i ever had in mind, even before I actually gave birth to each of my children was the hope/prayer/goal that they would each come to know the saving grace and knowledge of the Lord and be in eternity with Him. Above anything else; their potential career, future spouse, worldly successes, was to raise them the best i could to point them to Jesus. Yes, I completely believe in the Sovereignty of God! My husband, who is a godly man, was not raised by a godly father, very bad situation, yet at the age of 16 became a Christian and has walked with the Lord ever since. LOVE the sovereignty of God! So thankful for it!!! But why not make it our number 1 goal to raise our kids in the nurture and admonition of the Lord? To me, that would be like saying to my 2 yr old, yes, there’s a dangerous street out there, but whatever, i mean God is in control so you can let go of my hand and i’ll hope for the best”. NO WAY! God has put me in charge of their safety, right? While i have opportunity and responsibility, shouldn’t it be to point them to Him? I want my life, and each of my family members’ lives, to bring Him glory! I want them to love Jesus and trust in Him and walk with HIm all the days of their lives. I loved what you said about your reputation. I cant remember the exact words, but I totally agree. I care more about my kids’ eternity than my reputation. If for some reason my reputation or the way people see me or what they think of me needs to be ruined for my kids to come to know the Lord in a saving way, then let it be. I know I’m not sovereign and i didn’t MAKE my kids come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, but I’m so thankful that each of them has professed their faith in Him. If this is not the goal for our kids, what is? Thanks for reading this far, Sincerely, Hollie

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