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Going the Extra Mile.

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Going the Extra Mile

Jesus’ sermon on the mount in Matthew 5 gives some instructions about living as Kingdom citizens. Within this chapter, there are specific verses that talk about how citizens of God’s Kingdom are to deal with and treat others. This week on the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Richard Caldwell and Dr. Josh Philpot will deal with questions that relate specifically to verses 38-42. Dr. Philpot tells us a questioner writes saying, that they know that being a Christian means they are called to love and care for other people. They also write that they find real joy to meet the needs of others, especially those within the church.

Although they say, there are times when they feel like they are being taken advantage of, like when the person is perfectly capable of doing for themselves. There are yet other times when they want to fulfill a need, but the person in need insists on it being met in a particular way. The questioner asks, can they use their best judgment to respectfully say no, or should they just give in? Would this be to offend the other person and cause conflict? What exactly does the Bible mean when it says to give him your cloak or go with him two miles?

Dr. Caldwell says this is an example of a principle they often deal with here on the Straight Truth Podcast, and in the church. This principle is that the best interpreter of Scripture is Scripture itself. If we come to individual passages and isolate them from the rest of the Bible, we can come away with some skewed points of view.

The Right Perspective

So he reminds us of the importance of taking all of Scripture to have the right perspective and picture. He further explains that passages like this in Matthew 5 teach basic conditions of what our heart should be when we serve the Lord in this World. We are to be a people who are generous, ready to meet needs, who love others, and who respond rightly to our enemies. If we are asked to go a mile with someone, we ought to be willing to go two, that we might demonstrate the difference that Christ has made in our lives. So there’s no doubt that the Bible teaches us these kinds of attitudes. But by bringing all of God’s Word to bear on the matter, we also learn that we have to love people in ways that don’t do them damage.

Dr. Caldwell reads and explains 2 Thessalonians 5:6-12. He tells us this is a good passage of an example of the church and those in it ready to meet needs. But what does it say about those who aren’t willing to work and just want others to take care of them? He shares that it’s not loving for us to do this. This passage is speaking about a brother, or so-called brother, as the one wanting to live a life of idleness and gossip. At some point, we will have to say we aren’t going to help them anymore until they show some responsibility.

Help Them Serve The Lord

The time may come that we have to say we will not participate in this kind of choosing and living. We can explain that we are here, ready to help and willing to serve them, but only in a way that is going to help them serve the Lord in a way that we are designed and called to serve God. We must have a balanced view that the whole of Scripture gives. We are to be generous and sacrificial in love always, however, real love also encourages people to do their part because that is good for them.

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