Healthy Marriages, Fixing Broken Marriages, Christian Parenting, and Dealing with Rebellious Teens

Healthy Marriages, Fixing Broken Marriages, Christian Parenting, and Dealing with Rebellious Teens | Watch This Episode on YouTube


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Healthy Marriages, Fixing Broken Marriages, Christian Parenting, and Dealing with Rebellious Teens

This week on the Straight Truth Podcast we revisit, with Dr. Richard Caldwell and Dr. Josh Philpot, four of our most popular episodes. Questions related to having a healthy marriage, fixing a broken marriage, being a good Christian parent, and dealing with a rebellious teenager are discussed. What you find consistent with each topic addressed, is the importance of the relationship of the one calling themselves a Christian, with the God they confess to believe. As Christians, we have an accountability to model and live out our lives consistent with how the Bible presents “the new man”, the man who is in Christ.

So we need to be willing to examine ourselves and ask ourselves some hard, difficult, sometimes painful, but revealing questions. Do we live up to our profession, do we model Christ? Are we doing this on a consistent, ongoing basis, inside and outside of our homes in these relationships?

First up is having a healthy marriage. Having a healthy marriage requires that you have already been building your life (lives) on the truths of Scripture, building your life (lives) on Christ. If this is true of you, you will find as you choose the person you decide to marry (and you will both have this same understanding), you will only marry someone who is in Christ. You will both have the same goal in marriage; to build your marriage on Christ and the truths revealed in the Scriptures for marriage.

Troubled Marriages

Yet, some might say, we come from families of troubled marriages, and haven't had marriage modeled well for us, we don't want ours to be this way. But, this should not be our focus. The focus of marriage needs to be conformed to what we are going to be, not on what we don’t want to be. The Word of God, with His Spirit leading and teaching us, needs to be our guide. We are to focus by faith, on what the Scriptures teach, and on building our lives around reverencing and honoring the Lord.

Second, marriages are not simple, they are not easy, and even within Christian marriages, there will be trials and difficulties that come. But how we react and respond to them should be different than the lost world around us. So, how can and should Christians go about restoring their marriages when sin has taken place, a violation of the marriage covenant, and brought about pain and brokenness? Dr. Caldwell tells us that practical steps to restoring a broken marriage begin with genuine repentance by the transgressor. Forgiveness on the part of the offended spouse must also be genuine because forgiving people forgive.

Other practical advice is that the offending spouse must be willing to take whatever steps necessary to minister to, love and serve their spouse that they’ve been unfaithful to. Both husband and wife will need to be looking to the Lord in every step they take towards reconciliation; being God-focused, God-reliant, and God-dependent as they relate to each other.

Parenting is a Lifelong Endeavor

Third, they discuss dealing with a rebellious teen. Here we see how this relates and connects directly with the fourth issue of Christian parenting. Parenting is a lifelong endeavor that requires patience, diligence, endurance, and more. Raising and training children requires devotion on our parts to God. Parents need to be good students of the Bible, devoted to prayer, modeling and living out all aspects of the Christian life, to and before their children. We teach our children primarily by how we live, not by what we say. We need to be walking and talking examples of our relationship with God, with the authority He has over our lives, and within the authority positions He has positioned us in; e.g., our families, church, etc. Our marriages ought also to reflect this in how we love, honor, and respect each other and even how we prioritize our family and time together.

Living in these ways then enables us to faithfully examine ourselves as we approach handling and disciplining a rebellious teenager. We can ask, are we modeling these things that we want our teen to adhere to, are we consistent with what we say and what we do? We need to be living the truth before them so as not to be contributing to their rebellion. Then as we approach them in disciplinary action we will know we are prepared to handle it in a way that glorifies God, not ourselves. However, handling rebellion in a believing teenager versus an unbelieving teenager must be approached differently. A believing teenager must be approached by appealing to them with the truth found in the Word of God.

We Must Continue to Pray for our Children

An unbelieving teenager must be evangelized, given the gospel; you keep conversing with them and presenting Christ. For all situations and circumstances with our children, we must continue to pray for them, love them well, and always be looking for opportunities, as the Lord opens doors, to pour into them. In this manner, we will be parenting not concerned for our reputation, but for the souls of our children and for God’s glory.

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