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This week on the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Philpot informs us that a listener has written in with a thought-provoking question desiring to have a heart that is rightly motivated before God. As Christians, we know that we are to live rightly before God because one day we will stand before Him. We know that the thoughts and intentions of our hearts are not hidden from Him, yet because our hearts are deceitful we often fool ourselves. As Proverbs says, “All a person’s ways seems pure to them, but motives are weighed by the Lord”. So then, when we examine ourselves we may find the motives behind many of the things we do to be self-focused and self-driven. How can we be honest in our motives before God, when we so often have hidden desires and intentions behind the things we go about doing?

Dr. Caldwell tells us we begin by asking God to help us to that end. We ask Him to purify our hearts and to show us any wicked ways that are in us. This is scriptural, prayers like this come right out of the Old Testament, we can find many like this in the Psalms. He also says that we need to recognize that this is a battle that every Christian faces. There is no one genuinely saved that isn’t aware of this same struggle. It's in our salvation that we are introduced to this new battle. As saved people, with a new nature, there’s a consciousness of the dividedness within us. 

The Fight Between the Flesh and that of the Spirit

This is the fight between the flesh and that of the Spirit. It continues because a sin principle remains at work until our glorification.  Dr. Caldwell gives us a brief understanding of this battle that rages on within us. He explains the difference between being in the flesh and being in the Spirit, and our responsibilities to mortify, by putting to death whatever is earthly in us. He reminds us that we are at war day after day, one decision after another until Christ returns and we are glorified.

However, Dr. Caldwell also says, we need to be careful to not pay too much attention to ourselves in a self-focused manner. He tells us that self-examination is good, but it never needs to descend to the place of morbidity where we are constantly dissecting ourselves. That would be paralyzing in nature. What we need to do is set our minds on Christ, on truth and not pay too much attention to ourselves. While we are responsible to discipline our thoughts and deal with sin in the realm of our thought lives, we aren’t responsible in the sense that every thought that runs through our minds makes us guilty. Just because a thought flashed through our mind doesn’t mean that we took hold of it, agreed with it, cherished it, entertained it or acted on it.

 How do we Handle our Thoughts

It’s what we do with those thoughts that enter, flash through, and pop into our minds that matters. How do we handle them, what do we do with them? Christians are to be constantly renewing our minds, being transformed by the Word of God, setting our minds on the things above, on Christ, abiding in Him and being sanctified by the truth. It doesn’t matter where the thought came from, whether it’s demonic, flesh driven or a combination of both, it makes no difference. If it's sinful, we need to identify it as sin, refuse it and treat it as sin. We are to take the Word of God in hand, the Sword of the Spirit, and we are to mortify these sinful thoughts; we are to put them to death. 

Perhaps you haven’t refused or rejected sinful thoughts. Maybe you’ve taken them and cherished them for a time, maybe you’ve lived in light of them, or selfishly acted upon them. What should you do? You are to confess this sin, you need to repent of it with true sorrow and turn from it. If there is another person or other persons involved you need to make it right with them as well. For the Christian this is not a "one and done" event, this is the ongoing battle with sin that has to be fought every day until Christ returns or calls us home.

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