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How Can I Best Lead My Family?

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How Can I Best Lead My Family?

This week on the Straight Truth podcast Dr. Richard Caldwell and host Dr. Josh Philpot tackle a question received from a listener. Dr. Philpot tells us the question pertains to family leadership. The listener wants to know if Dr. Caldwell can share some useful steps for carrying out responsible actions in family leadership. Dr. Philpot asks Dr. Caldwell if he will address this from the perspective of the man as the head of the family, but also from the place of the woman’s role in that family unit.

Dr. Caldwell explains that the simple answer is the husband is to take all the statements God has given in the Bible about living as a husband and father and live them out in the home. But beyond this what is often missed are the qualifications that are given in the Bible for pastors/elders. Included in those qualifications is the emphasis on a man’s home life. Dr. Caldwell says that every man whether he will ever serve as an elder or pastor, ought to be striving to live an elder qualified life.

The same leadership style, quality, and character that belong to the leader of a home are those that describe and characterize the life of elders and pastors. This would also include what the Apostle Peter says of those leading the church as not lording their position over the church. So the husband as head of the wife and family must lead by example never lording himself over his family. Some of the ways the Bible speaks of doing this is by loving and caring for them, not being harsh or dictatorial, being kind and patient, gentle and peaceable. The husband will lead well by striving to be a good example.

Wives Need To Be Encouraged

Dr. Caldwell says the wife’s role is to be a helper. Wives need to be encouraged to embrace everything the Bible teaches about being a godly wife. This role includes biblical submission. However, he says, this is not meant to be a voiceless submission. He does not see Peter as teaching the complete silence of the wife. The passage is more likely reminding a woman that her most forceful influence will not be her words, but her example. She is to be a godly helper walking alongside her husband as a wise counselor. A woman will glorify God, and best love her husband and her children when she embraces the role that God has assigned her in the Scriptures.

Dr. Philpot asks about how husbands and wives should react when they don’t, haven’t, and can’t agree on a decision? What should they do when one or the other makes a decision that turns out to be wrong?

Dr. Caldwell shares the example of how he and his wife have worked through these things in their marriage of 36 years. Neither the husband or wife are inerrant, they aren’t perfect and mistakes will be made. But in the end, the husband and father must do his best and a wife must trust that God’s at work even when mistakes are made. It is not an opportunity for either one of them to cease to live out the roles that God has placed them in. Every part of living out the roles that God has given to husbands and wives is about trusting God.

Love Each Other Through Our Imperfections

The more we love and sacrifice as unto the Lord, for the Lord’s sake, the more we live together like this, the more we love each other on a personal level. Then when decisions have been made that don’t turn out as planned, we still love each other through our imperfections. We’re able to do this because our Savior is perfect and He’s at work in these situations and circumstances to sanctify both husband and wife.

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