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How Can We Be Sure of Our Salvation?

Is there evidence that confirms that I am saved? I’ve believed, confessed, and been baptized, isn’t this enough for salvation? Can we ever be sure of ours or anyone else’s salvation?

This week on the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Richard Caldwell and host, Dr. Josh Philpot think and talk through the subject of professing salvation. They help us look at what real salvation looks like biblically and remind us that the Bible calls for us to examine ourselves and to make our calling and election sure.

Dr. Caldwell begins by telling us that salvation is not determined by professing, our profession does not save us. This is not the standard by which we should measure ourselves; profession alone is not an adequate way to measure our salvation. Simply making a profession does not save anyone. In Matthew 7 Jesus says in that day, that many will make an “orthodox” confession, but Jesus also says that He will tell them to depart for He never knew them. What a genuine profession does is give voice to the work of God in a human soul. The reason we believe and confess, that Jesus is the Christ, is because God has done a work in our heart. There’s acknowledgment in our hearts that He is the Lord who saves. 

Real Faith in Christ

Our justification happens in a moment and where there is real faith in Christ, sanctification will be progressive over our lifetime. 1 Corinthians 5:17 tells us we are a new creation. We will live changed lives, how we think, act, speak and conduct ourselves will be different. What we love and desire will be driven by the Word of God. We will be in a lifetime battle from the moment we are converted; we will be waring with the flesh and have dueling desires.

Having said this, Dr. Caldwell also says, that genuinely saved people can fail and sometimes fail miserably. But what gives evidence that they are truly converted, is not only their relationship to Christ but their relationship to sin. Dr. Caldwell takes us to the book of 1John and walks us through several verses showing us how the Word helps us examine ourselves in this area. 

Several questions that come out of this are: Am I walking in habitual sin, walking in things that are disobedient to God? Am I living a self-centered, sin centric life? Is this the trajectory of my life? Am I walking in darkness or in the light? Do I see my sin? Do I agree with God about my sin? Am I confessing and repenting of my sin before God regularly on an ongoing basis? True believers want to obey God, their relationship to God has changed, they have new loves, new desires, and new hatreds. Their relationship to sin has changed and it’s all reflected in a new way of living.

Other Means of Examination

Dr. Caldwell goes on to tell us that there are other means of examination that we need to consider as well. He asks us to look at our relationship with sin in-respect to fellowship with Gods people. Do we love the people of God, the body of Christ? How is our relationship with them? Is love evident in my life? Is love increasing? He also asks do we affirm sound doctrine? Do we have a right understanding of the gospel? Are we pursuing holiness and is this evident through the fruit of the Spirit being manifested in our lives?  How do we hear the Word of God, do we love the Words of God, do we receive the Words of God, are we submissive to the Words of God, do we desire the Word of God like a newborn baby craves milk? 

How about prayer, do we see evidence that God hears our prayers, are our prayers being answered? Dr. Caldwell says these are some of the ways that God has provided for us, they help us measure ourselves by standards that come from the Word of God. Hence we examine and compare what Gods Word says alongside the trajectory of our lives. Answering these questions, measuring ourselves can help us have a sense of assurance that God has saved us. This is how we are to examine ourselves and how we can faithfully help others to examine and determine where they stand before God as well.

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