How Christians Can Faithfully Share Their Faith with Family and Friends

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How Christians Can Faithfully Share Their Faith with Family and Friends

How can I talk to family and friends about Christ? How can I witness to family members and friends who seem hardened towards biblical truths? Are there ways I should not share biblical truths to unbelieving family members and friends?

In this episode of the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Richard Caldwell and host Dr. Josh Philpot address some difficulties of sharing our faith with those who are closest to us.  Their discussion will help us think through some practical ways to share our faith with family and friends even if some of them seem hardened towards the gospel. Dr. Caldwell also gives us some clarity on how not to behave when sharing the good news becomes difficult.

A Special issue For All Christians

Dr. Caldwell begins by saying that this is a special issue for all Christians. We have a God-given affinity for our family members and this is often a heavy burden on our hearts. Sometimes we even find this to be true of friends with whom we've grown close. We may often feel as though the door to witness to our loved ones has been closed off on their end. How do we handle this and what can we do? Dr. Caldwell tells us that one of the most important things we can ever do is pray for them. In prayer, we can take great encouragement. What’s so encouraging is that prayer doesn’t rely on our presence, our words and it’s not limited to our influence.

He continues by sharing with us that it is often those who are closest to us who are the least willing to listen to us. Dr. Caldwell also says that this shouldn’t surprise us. Witnessing to our family members can be some of the most difficult evangelism we will ever do. But having said that, we also need to realize that there is great opportunity in these relationships. These people have known us, they’ve seen our sin and our failures, but they've also been witness to the changes that God has brought about in our lives. We need to be encouraged that these changes, in us, that have come as a result of salvation in Christ, are unmistakable to these people. God can use us, He may use us, but He may also choose to use someone else to reach them.

There Really Isn’t a Strategy for Our Witnessing and Sharing The Gospel

Dr. Caldwell says that there really isn’t a strategy for our witnessing and sharing the gospel. We need to be ready to share at any time. We need to be full of truth and always ready to give an explanation for our hope. We need to have confidence and not be intimidated nor afraid; we are to be faithful and obedient to share. Yet, how we converse with unbelievers is really important.  Our number one priority is not to convert them, we can’t do that, we can't save them; our preeminent aim must be to honor Christ.

Our evangelism to our families and friends isn’t just about the words we say. It's also about what we do and how we do it. Dr. Caldwell tells us that we don’t want to become frustrated, exasperated, harsh or disrespectful. We need to depend upon our Lord by relying upon Him and being patient in Him. Above all honoring Christ by the way we speak, behave and live before others. As the Lord provides opportunities we are to give clear reasons, being biblical and scriptural, saturated with grace and truth; doing it all with gentleness and respect. We are to manage our expectations by the Word of God and always trust the Lord with the outcome.

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