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How Do I Know That I Am Really A Christian?

Having a right understanding of salvation is crucial. It means the difference between life and death, heaven and hell, where and how we will spend eternity. Scripture calls us to examine ourselves, to test ourselves, to see if we are in the faith. One of the best ways to do this is to take the Word of God and let it be our guide. Let it reflect the truth about God and about who He says we are. Are we reconciled to Him; do we really know Him? Do our lives reflect a proper understanding of the gospel? If you would like to examine and evaluate these things more closely, consider listening to/watching the following sermons by Dr. Caldwell:

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How Do I Know That I Am Really A Christian?

How Do I Know That I Am Really A Christian?

This season on the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Richard Caldwell and host, Dr. Josh Philpot are before a live audience seeking to answer questions that are on their hearts and minds. The question asked in this episode comes from the reading of Matthew 7:21-23. A young lady asks, how can we know for sure that we are a Christian; how can we make sure we are true Christians and not like the hypocrites? She wonders, how does she know that she has eternal life?

Dr. Caldwell says this is a good question. He reads the passage and then shares that what’s envisioned here in these verses is a day that people will appear before the Lord Jesus in judgment and hear the words, I never knew you. These people have claimed to have a relationship with Jesus; they have claimed to have done quite a bit in His name. They’ve been this, and they’ve done that in His name, but Jesus says, “depart from Me, I never knew you.” So Dr. Caldwell says that there are a few things he’d like to point out.

He asks, is it possible for someone to say they know Jesus and yet don’t really know Him; is it possible for someone to engage in acts of ministry but not really know Jesus? He tells us these verses make clear that it is possible and that it is going to happen. Dr. Caldwell tells us this is a case where our Lord shows that are those who are deceived about their relationship to Him.

The Way That Someone Lives

Something else Dr. Caldwell points out from these verses is the evidence of the way that someone lives. Salvation is a matter of faith. However, there must be a distinction drawn between calling Jesus Lord without faith versus a confession of Jesus as Lord with genuine faith. Dr. Caldwell expands on this to help us understand what this means. Anyone can say they believe, but that belief must manifest itself in the life of the one making that confession. Dr. Caldwell reminds us that the Lord says in these very verses that the one who will enter the kingdom of heaven is not just the one who says, Lord, Lord, but the one who does the will of His Father. He takes this to refer to two things and proceeds with his explanation.

Dr. Caldwell next explains we don't want to try measuring whether we have eternal life or not based on our performance. Our performance does not determine our outcome. Yet what is fair to evaluate is our life; we can ask ourselves questions. Does my life say that I really believe? How am I living my life? Is my life manifesting the truth of my belief and confession by the way that I am living daily?

Does the overall trajectory of my life say that I really believe Jesus is the Son of God? One bit of evidence that our confession is really full of faith is that we actually follow the one whom we claim to be Lord. We need to stop and think about what this title – Lord - means. Does our life match what our lips say? Does our life give evidence that this is who Jesus really is to us?

The Same As Any Believer

What would this look like in the life of a young person versus that of an adult believer? Dr. Caldwell says that it will look the same as any believer. However, the expression of it at times will be in different ways. Primarily this is due to their age and the setting in which a young person lives their life. He expresses that one of the best places a believer can go to evaluate evidences of eternal life in their own life is the book of First John. Here we can assess doctrinal evidences, our understanding of sin, the need and responsibility for ongoing confession of sin, our desire to please God, our love for the church, and our love for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

We can assess if we are discerning, able to recognize false teaching, and able to refute it with the truth. These things are true for all Christians, whether you are 14 or 45. Of course, how it gets manifested will be different because of age, but over time, with growth and maturity, these truths will be increasingly evident in the lives of all believers. Dr. Caldwell mentions that there is much more that can be said as we walk through the book of First John.

These are only a few of the evidences we can find there. No matter how old we are, we can go there and treat it as a mirror; we can examine ourselves in light of it. We need to ask our self, is the pattern of our life that of pursuing sin, or is the pattern a putting away of sin and pursuing Christ. Ask yourself if you see the signs of life in your life as you examine it by the light of the Word of God.

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