How Should Christians Choose Their Entertainment?

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How Should Christians Choose Their Entertainment?

This week on the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Richard Caldwell and host, Dr. Josh Philpot’s topic of discussion is the Trinity. Dr. Philpot tells us that people outside Christianity know that Christians believe in one God yet, they also seem to know that we profess God as triune. Simply put, we confess God is three persons in one divine essence. This is the doctrine of the Trinity and it is foundational to Christianity. It is not an easy doctrine to understand and often difficult to explain even to believers. So why then would we want to explain the Trinity to unbelievers? We would do that because that’s who God is. The doctrine of the Trinity is our human way of acknowledging what the Bible reveals to us about God. How then can we best explain the Trinity to those outside the faith, to non-Christians? 

Dr. Caldwell says we will never do better than to just say what Scripture says. He confirms that even among believers the Trinity is hard to wrap our minds around. Many illustrations have been offered to help in understanding the Trinity. While some illustrations can be helpful, we need to recognize that no illustration is going to be perfect, and some are more dangerous than helpful. Dr. Caldwell explains that even as the Trinity is defined and explained in historic creeds and confessions, it is done so with very careful language. These creeds and confessions are human attempts to simply state what Scripture says and not be in conflict with it. 

Seeking to Explain the Doctrine of the Trinity

However, he says, no matter who it is we are seeking to explain the Doctrine of Trinity to, we can never do better than what the Bible itself says. Because there is no single verse that says God is triune or is Trinity, we need to be prepared to take them through the passages of Scripture that make the truth of the Trinity inescapable. We make the case from the Scriptures. In doing this, we will be faithful to declare the true God, God as He has declared Himself to be in His revealed Word.

Having said the Bible is the best explanation for the doctrine of the Trinity, Dr. Caldwell does not say that creeds and confessions are not helpful. In fact, he says that depending on those who have gone before us in their work and labor is tremendously helpful. The creeds and confessions are vital to helping us remain in the flow of historic orthodoxy. It would be arrogant on our part to step away from these and think that we are not standing on dangerous ground. Those who have come before us have labored diligently so that we might understand how to best express these difficult truths.

But not all creeds and confessions are equally worthy of belief or confessing, we must use discernment and always compare what they say with the Scriptures. After all, the Bible alone is the inspired Word of God and only rule for our faith and life.

The Trinity as Related to Our Prayers

Dr. Caldwell gives us an example of understanding the Trinity as related to our prayers. He explains that the New Testament pattern of prayer that we see most often, is to the Father, in the power of the Spirit, in the name of the Son. He goes on to say that Christians are more trinitarian in their daily lives than they realize. He speaks about how we go about living out our Christian lives with the knowledge of the Trinity, but most times without thinking directly about it. It’s always there in the background, but not much thought is given to it. 

He expands on this, showing us how prayer is one of those ways. Every time we go to the Father in the name of Jesus, understanding that we need help, it’s the Spirit that’s animating and informing us how to pray. In those times that we don’t know what to say or ask, it’s the Spirit that’s at work interceding for us, helping us to live out this trinitarian truth.

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