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How Should Christians Deal With Depression?

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How Should Christians Deal With Depression?

How Should Christians Deal With Depression?

Are there specific biblical examples of depression and answers for how to deal with it? What should a Christian do in general when finding themselves overwhelmed and in the grip of despair or depression? How can a Pastor or fellow churchman respond and help someone who is dealing with depression?

This week on the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Richard Caldwell and host Dr. Josh Philpot discuss the topics of despair and depression. They help us think through these questions and even how to recognize the need for transparency when it comes to these difficult realities that can and do come upon Christians.

Dr. Caldwell begins by saying that there are multiple examples in the Bible of discouragement and depression. The Psalms especially give voice to discouragement, disillusionment, and despair. He shares that a good example is in Psalm 73, where we find the reality of discouragement and depression, but also we find the answer for them. The answer – Go to the Lord and listen to His Word. The best thing a Christian can do is look away from themselves, away from their circumstances and feelings, and look to God.

Scripture teaches us to fix our eyes on the author and perfecter of our faith. Jesus, Himself tells us, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”(Matt.11:28-29). What will help Christians most is to preach the Word of God to themselves. God is involved in every detail of our lives, He knows what we are going through, and He cares for us with a love that is steadfast and faithful.

God Is On The Throne

He is not powerless in our situations and does not restrict Himself in them. God is on the throne; He is sovereign, omniscient, and omnipotent. There is nothing outside His rule and reign; we have nothing to fear. The more we can preach these truths of God to ourselves, the more accurate our perspectives will be.

However, says Dr. Caldwell, as Christians, we must be clear about what we are aiming at in this endeavor. We are not aiming at some form of artificial encouragement; that kind doesn’t help anyone. All of us can become confused in our thinking during difficult times and troubling circumstances. We don’t want to tell ourselves nor anyone else who is discouraged, something that only makes us/them feel better. That is wrong thinking.

What we need is the whole counsel of God, and what God calls us to in His Word is not positive thinking, but truthful thinking. So for any discouraged Christian, we have the Word of God. It is not artificial, nor temporal. God’s Word is real, it is true, and it is timeless; this really is good news. We can call this to our minds and receive real encouragement instead of some pie in the sky feel-good pleasantries.

What about the Christian who finds themselves gripped by these mind and soul darkening struggles; how can they do these things if they lack strength and have no desire at all? Dr. Caldwell says that even here, the Christian is not left alone to themselves. God has given us multiple means for our encouragement. The Church, in this aspect, is so important. We want to make sure that we do not isolate or separate ourselves from the local church and other believers.

Engaging With Other Christians

We want to be fully involved and engaging with other Christians. There are brothers and sisters in Christ in our local congregations who can come alongside us and preach the Word to us as well. The Church, the body of Christ, should be a haven of help and hope for our struggles here, no matter the nature of them. We should not hesitate to pick up the phone and call a Christian friend. We need not be afraid of using the words ‘I’m discouraged’ or ‘I’m depressed’. This kind of transparency allows others who know the truth to come alongside us and preach God’s truths to our hearts.

Lastly, Dr. Caldwell offers some scripture passages that will help us preach the truth to ourselves. He recommends 1 Peter 5, Psalm 73, Psalm 42, and Psalm 43. Another resource Dr. Caldwell believes will be helpful is a little book called Answering Anxiety. This little book is an exposition of 1 Peter Chapter 5, by Dr. Caldwell. He also mentions there are a lot of great books that have been written on anxiety, discouragement, and depression by solid Christians. In these books, these Christian authors will take us to the Word of God, and that is our need.

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  1. I just want to say thank you for the words and scriptures that was given on your Podcast.I am a Christian and is suffering from depression and am on medication 💊 that is not helping me at all.When I speak to the GP 👨‍⚕️ about the medication 💊 not helping he keep telling me to give it time to work.
  2. What does one do when you suffer from severe depression in a situation that: 1. Has a husband who has gone awry somehow(mostly due to #2) 2. Long time members of a church that not only has toxic leadership, the manipulated our 4older daughters(teen-young adult-1 of which works there still and moved out) and over the course of 9 years over 100 families who have left. Some quietly. Those that confronted leadership re:false teaching and wrong practices, were banned in all ways be it physically or any type of social media. The man of a family in particular who decided to step down as an elder and continue to pray and serve and continue their lifelong friendships as they had lived here their entire lives and its a small town. This man's grandmother passed and they had to drive to Tennessee for the funeral which is when the pastor got on "stage" announcing that elder had received a promotion and would be stepping down bc they were moving to a different city(2 hrs away) and we wish them the best. We ran into them a week later and wished them congratulations and he said ok and she looked at me with hurt and they walked away. It would be 2 years until God ordained a conversation on Facebook messenger regarding a local family who's son had been killed in an ATV accident and in what we've always viewed as Godincidences, (I have many more details but won't continue here) and it was THAT conversation that finally opened my husbands eyes(slightly however) that what I had been expressing my deep concern over from this "gut feeling" and later I found out that bc I had evidence and had asked several times about why this or that bc it was totally against the Bible, they realized i was aware of several issues-NOT by snooping i believe by God- and I wasn't going to leave it alone, [this was a major issue for them bc our #4 daughter became the "pastoral secretary" in March 2017 & ran the entire office and then some 🙂 and she also,, along with the rest of us, served in many areas of the church) they began telling my husband none of it was true(which my husband KNEW wasn't true) and I had made it all up and convicted ppl in my mind without ever even "coming to the leadership" and ultimately convinced him he wasn't "LYING" to me, he was just protecting his family. They did the same to the #5&6 daughters(young adults and they all 4 lived at home-we have raised our kids in solid and sound doctrinal teaching and Apologetics and we homeschooled the youngest 4, and we were a GOD-STRONG family and nothing came before the LORD. 2nd was our marriage,, which was amazing,, and 3rd, family. Had been that way for over 20 years;but they were blinded by plausible lies if you will. #5&6 realized deep down things were wrong bc they were very eager to leave as was #6 who was 14 at the time (Feb 2020) and thankful to do so. In July #4 moved out and in with our oldest and her husband and 2 kids who are very wrapped up in a "church" like many others today that are similar, such as Bethel, and many others and the false teaching as well as the co-pastors(husband and wife) who alternate "preaching" the 5 services they have every week. We watched the demise of their family unit and their young kids who we were keeping full time, just exhausted and "didn't want to go to church again". A few years prior my husband and i sat down with them and confronted in love, with Scripture of course about what God says about women leading/shepherding men and we told them we loved them and prayed with them and that was it. Nothing changed until 2019 when they were asked to be "on staff" and regardless of the fact she homeschooled her kids, they jumped at the opportunity and said they would pay us $400 a month to keep the kids and school them while they worked, which was supposed to be 30 hours a week Tue-Sat but never was. We had them 60+ hours a week. It financially strapped us immensely bc in Jan 2016 my husband was hit head on by a drunk driver and sustained many injuries and was told he would never work again(as an CMT Engineering Tech anyway) due to the multiple "permanent" damage, so we survived on 40% of his previous income(which he worked 50-55 hours a week prior to pay everything while building a family farm bc that was ourdream to be home full time) and now we are not only fighting SSDI for over 3 years and ended up receiving $3k a month for 7 people and now we were spending an additional $200-300 to care for and feed our grandchildren. They had said they would be increasing the amount they laid us in a few months, once they transitioned(going from a 1 income family to a 2 income family i suppose?) But they never did. Anyway, they up and moved off of our family farm(where we paid for property and taxes, etc) Dec 21, 2019 with 3 days notice bc they had bought a house and they would be enrolling the kids in public school,, and that has been rough, especially bc they were not willing and still aren't to meet with us and let us know what we had done. I apologize bc there is not a "nutshell" version of this mess. We don't have insurance and cannot afford counseling, our younger 3 daughters have changed life paths and have been on the "do whatever makes me happy path" and I've tried on many occasions to talk with them, but since my husband is also wrapped up in his own self-focused life, he doesnt address these issues WITH me, as ONE. Contrary, he stays silent and undermines me and gives the girls a "go" pass to do what they want, when and where they want. You can imagine where I stand in their eyes. They are 15,19,& 22 and I don't even know them. Perpetual lying, deceit, inappropriate use of cell phone and social media, disobedience, do NOT honor anyone except themselves and the 3 guys who are brothers. The 22 year old is apparently in a relationship with the 27byr old brother who is NOT a believer. They were raised wonderfully but he went to college and walked away from God and due to multiple illnesses, has returned home to live and our girls are over there a lot(our 19 yr old is engaged to the middle brother who is 20) and they are an incredible family. We've know them for more than 20 years but I absolutely cannot understand WHY they are allowing the unequally yoked relationship. The dad is mostly unaware, but the mom is totally aware. She said she told her oldest that he could not marry Mackenzie until he got right with God. That was a year ago. 3. I am fighting by myself and while I know God is ALL I need, I am struggling IMMENSELY and that doesn't even seem like a strong enough expression. I am despised by the family living here most likely bc they are living in sin and detaching from me allows them to continue without guilt? Idk. I cannot even put into words how hard this is. I know and FULLY believe God is in control, but am very concerned bc I believe it is the responsibility of a parent, or any fellow believer, to lovingly confront wrongdoing and that is NOT allowed at all as far as I'm concerned. They can all say & do whatever, but I am not allowed to without being slandered to numerous ppl . Double-minded and/or double-standard is a good description i think. I should also add that we do not have ONE person to mentor or provide guidance that lines up with Scripture and that my husband will listen to. He has become very prideful and spends most of his time watching videos of end times, the anti-christ (whom he says he "knows' who it is) and many similar videos and our marriage is not even ON his priority list. How does one heal in the exact environment (but actually worse) in which the damage was done and the lies, deceit, betrayal, etc continue?
    • admin
      Lesli I have forward your message to one of the Pastors at Founders Baptist Church. They will follow up with you Blessings

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