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How Should Christians Deal With Media Overload?

How Should Christians Deal With Media Overload?

Technological advances have made the production, distribution, access, and retrieving of information far less effortless than we could have imagined just a few decades ago. Thanks to this progress, we have unparalleled access to countless and diverse media sources and information. We have access to the internet that offers up billions of web pages. We have hundreds of television channels and radio stations, nearly three million podcasts, over two million apps for most smartphones, hundreds of daily emails to contend with, and so much more.

Is it surprising that people find themselves overloaded with information and not knowing what to do with or about it? As Christians, how should we think about this? What should our response be to all the media we are bombarded with? This will be the topic of discussion for this week’s Straight Truth Podcast. Dr. Richard Caldwell and host Dr. Josh Philpot seek to guide and encourage us biblically as they discuss the overwhelming onslaught of information everywhere we turn.

Dr. Caldwell tells us that it’s good for us to remember that the ways we live right now weren’t even possible 40/50 years ago. Before the internet age and smartphones in our hands that constantly buzz, ring, and alert us to something [new], people didn’t live like this. We cannot possibly keep up with all the information that comes our way.

We weren’t meant to live this way, carrying around the troubles of the world. Dr. Caldwell believes this kind of living is counter-productive; it may even explain some of the anxieties that we see in people. This includes God’s people. We are all walking around trying to live lives we were never meant to live. So what should we do? How should Christians handle dealing with the mass amount of information that just comes at us even if we aren’t seeking it?

Dr. Caldwell says that we need to discipline ourselves and live the lives that God has given us. We have to be intentional about the things directly around us and deliberate to avoid other things that are not. He reminds us that we all have a responsibility to care for the people and things that the Lord has placed in our care. We want to be faithful where God has placed us, and this will mean intentionally tuning out many other things so that we give our attention where it needs to be.

This is particularly important for the pastors and elders of our churches. Not only are they husbands and fathers who must care for their families, but they also have the added responsibility of shepherding the flock the Lord has given them. Dr. Caldwell and Dr. Philpot additionally discuss the role of pastors and elders to respond, comment, or speak out on all the things that go on in the world.

Dr. Philpot brings up another issue closely related to the church and Christians responding to outside information they receive. He asks if the Christian has a responsibility to weep with those who weep? Say a crime has transpired outside our city or state, in another state in our nation. This crime becomes national news. Are we to weep with those who weep?

Dr. Caldwell shares that whatever we are aware of as Christian human beings, we will feel sorrow over things that are sorrowful. But the weeping with those who weep statement (Romans 12:15) is in the context of local church fellowship. This, of course, applies to other believers that are outside our local church fellowship as we come into contact with them. But, it is not meant to be a general response to anything happening in the world. This weeping is relational in nature, and it is caring about people as you meet with them along the way. So we want to be careful in these situations, not giving voice to emotions that we don’t really feel. What we say and do should be genuine; it should reflect what we are genuinely experiencing.

Never in history has mankind had access to so much information. Almost daily, we are faced with more information than those in past generations would have faced in their lifetime. The result is information overload. The impact of this can cause us to suffer from increased tension and stress. Its effects may include anxiety, difficulty remembering due to short attention spans, mental exhaustion, difficulty in decision making, ill health, and more.

Yet, the information we are subjected to is not going to decrease. So as Christians, we want to be intentional and deliberate about keeping our minds and attention focused on the life that God has called us to. We must discipline ourselves to live sensibly, righteously, and godly in this age.

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