How Should Christians Think About UFOs and Other Phenomena

"How Should Christians Think About UFOs and Other Phenomena" | Watch This Episode on YouTube


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"How Should Christians Think About UFOs and Other Phenomena" | Watch this episode on Vimeo

How Should Christians Think About UFOs and Other Phenomena

What should Christians think about the reality of UFOs, aliens, Big Foot/Sasquatch, paranormal activity, and all other kinds of phenomena and theories? Some of these things have become so prevalent that even the Congress of the United States has held hearings about the existence of them and what the response of the American government and military has been or should be. Are there plausible explanations for any of these things? How can we talk about these things with others who believe they’ve experienced some of these things? How should a Christian respond? Join Dr. Richard Caldwell and Dr. Josh Philpot this week on the Straight Truth Podcast as they discuss this unusual topic of the unknown that intrigues, fascinates, and consumes the attention of many worldwide. As they do this, they remind believers of what we are to give our minds and attention to, the revealed Word of God.

Dr. Caldwell believes this is a good conversation to have. Even to broaden it out, he says to include all conspiracy theories. When it comes to living our lives, we will either live our lives in the realm of what we know or always be trying to live them in the realm of what we don’t know and probably will never know. As believers, we must live our lives in the realm of what we know, and what we know is what God has told us, which is what He's revealed in His Word. So, as believers, we don’t try to live outside of His Revelation. He has told us everything He has made, which includes our world, all the planets, the stars, the sun, the moon, the universe (the heavens), angels, and everything else. And He tells us out of all of that creation, the crowning achievement was mankind. Then, throughout the rest of God's Word, we're told the story of man's fall, the results of that fall, and the story of redemption for man in His Son, Christ Jesus. Dr. Caldwell shares that if there was some other intelligent life outside of men and angels, we have no reason to believe that God would not have told us about it. What we have in Scripture makes clear what we know and how we are to live according to what’s been revealed to us; that’s all there is.

But how should we think about all these things people can’t explain? Dr. Caldwell says some of it might be explained by some kind of military technology that we don’t yet know about, maybe something that supersedes what has been publicly offered. There are all sorts of ways that these things can be explained. But what’s important is that we don’t try to explain them by our experiences. Our experiences should never trump what the Bible says is real. We must live in the realm of what God has revealed to be true and believe that over our own experiences. Dr. Caldwell shares that this happens with miracles, visions, those who are supposedly converted through dreams, and all kinds of other experiences people have. But as Christians, we believe the Scriptures. We believe the Word of God. Dr. Caldwell believes that everything God has given us in His Word is an all-sufficient and altogether trustworthy account of what we should be concerned with. That’s what we want to give our minds and attention to.

Dr. Philpot wonders about all the probing that is taking place and potential expeditions regarding the planet Mars? What if something is found there? Would that change anything in terms of the biblical witness? Dr. Caldwell says no, it wouldn’t change it at all. The curse, following the fall, has affected all of creation. We don’t know what things were like before the fall of man when it comes to things outside this planet, in the world. What Dr. Caldwell has been speaking about is intelligent life. Creatures God has made with the ability to reason and communicate, etc., what the Bible gives us in terms of categories, the angelic realm, and human beings. So when it comes to intelligent life, there’s God, angels, and men. And that is all there is. Therefore, Dr. Caldwell is convinced that these things do not represent some sort of creature outside of angels or men.

So, rather than focusing and speculating on implausible theories of what might be, our minds and attention should be set on what God has revealed to us in His Word.

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