How the Church Should React to the War in Ukraine

How the Church Should React to the War in Ukraine | Watch This Episode on YouTube


How the Church Should React to the War in Ukraine | Watch this episode on Vimeo

How the Church Should React to the War in Ukraine

This week on the Straight Truth Podcast, host Dr. Josh Philpot sits down with Dr. Richard Caldwell to discuss the war that has now ensued due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As this podcast airs, the war has actively progressed for two weeks. We don’t know how long it will go on. Nor do we know what the outcome will be. However, as Dr. Philpot shares, it does seem that most of the world is against this action taken by the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. Churches worldwide are watching, looking, and listening to all that is going on. Dr. Philpot asks, how should Christians be thinking about all of this, and what sorts of things can we do?

Dr. Caldwell tells us that he thinks about this from several points of view. First of all, he says, there is a sadness involved as we ponder the tragedy of war. War brings chaos, confusion, pain, suffering, and loss of life as a result. All of this belongs to a fallen world. The world, he reminds us, is sinful due to man’s sin. There is constant conflict and striving against one another for what we want and can’t have. So these sorts of things will characterize the world until Jesus returns.

From the standpoint of the universal Church, says Dr. Caldwell, there are always brothers and sisters in Christ, in that part of the world that are sufferings through these kinds of turmoil. Our natural inclination is probably to think of those in Ukraine first due to being invaded. But, we need to remember that in both Russia and Ukraine, there will be those whose desire is not to be part of this conflict. People in both countries are experiencing difficulties. We want to pray for safety, protection, gospel opportunities and that they will be able to be taken advantage of for the glory of God, in and by the strength that He provides.

Additionally, there are personal relationships involved regarding both countries as well. Members of our churches will have families and friends that still live there. There are missionaries, having come from churches outside these countries, that have chosen to remain. So we want to be praying for them, encouraging them, and helping wherever we can.

Dr. Caldwell says he cannot weigh in on all that is going on politically. But what we do want to see is basic human liberties preserved. We want to see freedom for people to worship and live in the way that God has designed it. So this is what we can pray for, wanting what is best for people according to God’s perfect wisdom.

Lastly, Dr. Caldwell shares his point of view from the church body he pastors. At Founders Baptist Church, and most certainly in others throughout the United States and the world even, there are individuals and families that gather together with us from both Russia and Ukraine. Here, they come together, genuinely loving each other, worshipping together, and living as reconciled people through the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is, says Dr. Caldwell, as Dr. Philpot has pointed out, a wonder of God’s grand design. People who have different, but linked histories and nationalities, are brought together, reconciled through the cross, able to live in joy-filled unity. They will have concerns about what is taking place in those countries and be concerned for the safety of those there in the midst of the dangers. Yet, at the same time, in their hearts, there is a higher concern for gospel advancement and kingdom work.

Russia and Ukraine are countries politically and religiously divided. This divide is ultimately no different than the rest of the world in some sense. As Dr. Caldwell stated, we live in a fallen world, a world filled with sin and destruction due to sinful hearts making sinful choices. And this is the greater divide existing of which so many are unaware. Before a man can be truly at peace with other men, he must first be reconciled to God. Being reconciled to God restores our relationship with Him. When this happens, our relationships with others will be impacted, providing the way for reconciliation. Broken relationships are mended when we replace the sin that divides us with genuine love, forgiveness, humility, and oneness that comes through being united in Christ.

So yes, we can come and share our complaints with God. But we need to come humbly, open, honest, and real. We do this, bringing our troubles, pouring out our hearts to the Lord, with the utmost reverence. Dr. Caldwell shares we have examples of godly people doing this in Job and throughout the Psalms. He shows us through a few examples how God’s people are taken care of forever through trusting Him. In addition to these, he encourages us to think about Lazarus, the beggar, and the rich man. The rich man received good things during his life, but Lazarus something far better at the end of life. Dr. Caldwell then reminds us of what the Scriptures teach us in 2 Corinthians. These difficulties and hardships are but light and momentary afflictions compared to the eternal weight of glory that awaits us. But none of this takes place outside the realm of trust. We must be willing to trust God, who has revealed His character to us in the Scriptures. And His character... is perfectly good!

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