How To Know If Christianity Is The Right Religion

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How To Know If Christianity Is The Right Religion

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How To Know If Christianity Is The Right Religion

How To Know If Christianity Is The Right Religion

How do we really know which religion is the right one? How can we know that Christianity represents the one true religion? What makes Christianity the Truth?

This week on the Straight Truth Podcast, a listener writes asking if we assume there is only one true religion, such as Christianity, doesn’t the existence of many religions at least prove that mankind likes to make up stories and that people have a tendency to believe them? How then can we really know which religion is the right one? Dr. Richard Caldwell and host, Dr. Josh Philpot take up this discussion. They help us think about the world's religions and what makes Christianity different from them, what sets Christianity apart from those other religions.

Christianity believes the Bible. Christianity believes that God, who does not lie, has told us the truth in his Word, the Bible. And the Bible, says Dr. Caldwell, acknowledges that since the fall of Adam, man’s heart is an idol factory. The Bible acknowledges that there will be many religions and false gods. So yes, men do tend to make up religious stories, and they tend to believe them. Dr. Caldwell gives an example directly from the Bible itself of this very kind of thing from Acts 17. He confirms how the Bible, in both the Old and New Testaments, acknowledge the presence of idolatry and false religions.

How then can we know that Christianity is the truth and that it represents the one true religion? Dr. Caldwell says in some sense, we will have to rest in the knowledge that Christianity is self-authenticating. The Bible doesn’t attempt to prove the existence of God; it assumes the existence of God.

The Bible Is God Speaking

The Bible is God speaking. Jesus, the Son of God declared, “I am the way, and the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father except through me.” We read Jesus just declaring the truth about Himself. We see in Jesus the fulfillment and the fulfilling of prophecies. We see God proving His Son in His life and mission as He performed signs, wonders, and miracles. We see Christ being authenticated as He lived a sinless life, died at the hands of real injustice by men, but then was raised to life, bodily from the grave. Even the empty tomb declares the truth about Christ.

Dr. Caldwell tells us that as he thinks about world religions and compares them, there are a couple of things that stand out to him. First, he shares that when you compare all the world religions, there really are only two. There is the religious approach that represents human achievement, and there's a religion of divine accomplishment; that religion is Christianity. Christianity says it is God who saves; He has given a Savior by which man the sinner may be saved. The Bible tells a story of all that is. It tells us how man came to be, how sin came into the world, why the world is as it is, and how God has provided the remedy. It is finished, it is done, what man could never do for himself, God has accomplished.

He has chosen to save sinful human beings by His Son – Divine accomplishment. Every other religion involves man in some way (trying to) saving himself. The second thing Dr. Caldwell sees when comparing all the world’s religions is how often those religions pay some kind of tribute to Jesus.

What Did Jesus Say About Himself?

How many of these religions pay tribute to Jesus in some form or another and what do they say about him? Well, then you have to stop and ask what did Jesus say about himself. It’s the Bible that gives that information. Jesus didn’t claim to be just a good man or just a prophet. He claimed to be the Son of God, the eternal Son of God, come down to earth having taken on an additional nature, a real human nature.

He is the God-man, and this understanding of the incarnation, God relating to mankind in this way is absolutely unique to Christianity. We have to recognize that every religion tells some sort of story about the origins of the world. They tell us how it came to be and why it is as it is, but the story the Bible tells is unique.

Dr. Caldwell shares the depiction the Bible gives of man's condition. He shares that the Bible accurately nails us when it comes to what man is by nature, how we think, how we behave, and what the repercussions for our actions will be. Dr. Caldwell explains how we can see this using the sin of adultery as an example. He further explains how the repercussions God tells us we will meet with, for our sins, come to pass over and over and over again. The Bible does not teach that man is basically good. It doesn’t teach that man is naturally generous, thoughtful, or unselfish. No, the Bible teaches that fallen man lives for himself. If we look around at the world around us, we see the human race to be exactly as the Bible describes us.

What Is The Answer For Man?

The same Bible that tells us what man is and what his problem is, also tells us what the answer for man is; that answer is God’s Son. Listen to how Jesus describes Himself in the Bible. He is not a way to heaven, He is not a good way to heaven, He is not a better way to heaven; He is the only way to heaven. Jesus Christ is not received by earning Him through works, but by believing upon Him. The Bible teaches that man's salvation is by grace alone, by faith alone, and in Christ alone. That is the Bible’s message, and we want to pay attention to the differences and the uniqueness that Christianity represents.

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