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How to Structure My Daily Devotional

How should I structure my time with the Lord? Should I have a specific strategy, method or plan? Are there specifics I should include in my quiet time? Is there a minimum I should read or a specific amount of time I should devote to spending with God?

In this episode of the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Richard Caldwell and host Dr. Josh Philpot discuss the topic of disciplined time with the Lord, often called a quiet time or more commonly called daily devotional time. Dr. Philpot begins by talking about how Christians know that they ought to be reading the bible and partaking of God’s Word for themselves on a regular basis. However, he says that there seems to be confusion about what that ought to look like. He asks Dr. Caldwell to give some advice on this and how to encourage Christians as they seek to structure their devotional life.

Basic Elements of Disciplined Time With the Lord

Dr. Caldwell says that some basic elements of disciplined time with the Lord will include prayer, Bible reading and time meditating and reflecting on what we are reading. He says there is freedom in how this gets accomplished. There isn’t an explicit method set forth in the Old or New Testament. Questions like when, how much, or how long is really up to each individual. What is most important is that you do something and remain faithful to your commitment. However, we must use care and caution.  It’s not just about glossing over the words and checking it off our checklist. We must not be satisfied with such a superficial approach to the Scriptures; we need to drink deeply and think deeply. Psalm 1 is a good example for us to contemplate.  

We are not reading God’s Word for information purposes alone, our intake of the Word of God is for the purpose of transformed lives. Dr. Philpot asks Dr. Caldwell to expand on the topic of meditation. He asks him to explain what meditating upon Scripture really means. How does a Christian meditate, and what does it do for the Christian? Dr. Caldwell begins by saying simply meditating means – to go on thinking about what you’ve read, to chew on it over and over again. We are to contemplate why God has put something there or included it in His Word, why He intends for us to know about it, and how should it change our lives. Dr. Caldwell explains that according to the New Testament, meditation is the means by which a believer develops discernment. 

Meditate More

The more we meditate, the more we are able to take the Word of God as our lens or grid and begin to apply it to all areas of our life. This includes our thinking and thought life, choices, attitudes, and motives. As we consistently apply the Scriptures our whole worldview changes. Again, we are not reading strictly to obtain information, the intention of Scripture is transformed lives and worship of the God who has given it. 

So it’s taking the Word of God and thinking about it in terms of application, implications, and thinking about it for the terms of obeying it. 

Can listening to sermons and Christian podcasts supplant time sitting and reading the Word of God? Is reading through the Bible in a year a good goal? How should a father lead his family in the Scriptures? These questions and more are addressed in this episode of the Straight Truth Podcast, as Dr. Richard Caldwell discusses ways we should approach the Word of God and gives us Biblical wisdom and godly perspectives to meditate on.

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