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How We Work With God to Increase Our Faith

This week on the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Richard Caldwell and host, Dr. Josh Philpot revisit and expand on a previous podcast. That podcast aired in December of 2018 and its topic was about how to increase our faith. In that podcast Dr. Caldwell makes the statement, “I can’t ask God to do something and then not work in co-ordination with what He has ordained to answer my request.”. 

In response to that statement, a listener has written in with these questions: How do I do that? What does working in co-ordination with God entail? Is it obedience or something more like personal instruction? First Dr. Caldwell reminds us that faith is a response to the truth. This truth is God’s Word, what He’s revealed there about Himself and His will. So what working in co-ordination with God entails or means, is that we act upon the truth in the Word of God. 

 What this involves, as Dr. Caldwell has previously stated, is that we ask God to increase our faith, as the disciples of Christ did in Luke 17. Second, as we are asking this, we are reading God’s Word. We take in God’s Word and we believe Him, we trust Him, we take Him at His Word. This is working and acting, it involves both instruction and obedience. Asking God to increase our faith involves knowing the truth, knowing the truth about what we should believe and about how we should live our lives, and this involves study. 

Being a Good Listener

It involves being a good listener of sermons, it involves reading our bibles, it involves getting and receiving personal instruction from older wiser believers, and having a willingness to learn. As we do this, we can then respond to the truths that we have learned, this is working, acting on what you believe. For our faith to be increasing we must act on what we learn.

 Dr. Caldwell gives us an example using “anxiety” as the topic. He reminds us that the Scriptures speak in several places about anxiety. Again reminding us that we have to believe what we learn from them, we need to remind ourselves of these truths that God’s Word says about this particular issue, setting our minds on trusting Him in every circumstance that comes about in a given day. 

We can also be reminded of God's perfect providential care for us by not forgetting His faithfulness to us in past circumstances. While we don’t know the outcome of each situation we might face, we can be mindful that God is sovereign over them and that whatever He brings to pass will be used for our good, and His glory. So it’s here we can exercise our faith, or “act” on it by believing God and trusting Him in and through the situation or circumstance. 

Don’t Take Verses Out of Context 

Dr. Caldwell mentions that sometimes though, there aren’t specific verses where scripture speaks to our situation or circumstance. He tells us what we don’t want to do here is take a verse or verses out of context and camp on them as promises or nuggets of wisdom that apply. Well then, one might ask, how can God grow our faith (when/where we are seeking Him to do so) without guidance and wisdom from specific verses? Dr. Caldwell says, although God’s Word doesn’t speak to every situation and circumstance that we face in life, there are principles we can take and apply. However, to be able to do this, we must be immersed in the whole of Scripture. 

We must have our minds saturated with the wisdom that comes from the entirety of God’s Word. The wisdom that comes from this approach is a worldview by which we are then able to test life. The Scriptures become ours lens to see life clearly, they enable us to discern what the will of God is and to understand what is right and wrong in any given situation. 

 God works through means. The primary means He has ordained for us to grow by is through the preaching and teaching of His Word, along with intentional personal study and prayer. 

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