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I Can't Find a Healthy Church | Watch this episode on Vimeo

I Can't Find a Healthy Church

What is a person to do when they have been unable to find sound theology and sound doctrine in any of the churches they visit? It feels like all the churches they visited have only given self-help lectures. They hear very little of the gospel of Jesus Christ and walk away from these churches disappointed. They understand the command to assemble regularly with the Lord's people as they gather. Yet, at the same time, they do not want to sit under unsound doctrine.

They find themselves anxious about not having a church home and not wanting to be out of the will of God. How can they navigate this? Can Dr. Caldwell offer some advice? This is the discussion that takes place today on the Straight Truth Podcast. Dr. Josh Philpot presents this listener's dilemma to Dr. Richard Caldwell as they have written sharing their concerns and ask for advice. Dr. Caldwell's answer assumes the possibility that within one or more of the churches visited that the gospel is actually present.
If a church is full of the Lord’s people, people who have received the biblical gospel, the Word of God is there, and the ordinances are there, it is the Lord's church. Even when the church is not doing well and is not as healthy as it could be, if these other things are present, God's people, His Word, and the ordinances, it is still the Lord's church. Dr. Caldwell says just think about the Corinthian church in the New Testament. He reminds us of the mess that they were. This church needed correction, they needed to be able to be corrected, and they needed to be straightened out.

It would be an easy answer if we always had the choice between a healthy church and a not-so-healthy church wherever we are. But if we find ourselves in a place where there isn’t this option, what are we to do? Dr. Caldwell encourages us to find the best church we can, invest our lives there to the best of our ability and try to make a difference.

He offers advice on how to go to the pastors to exhort, encourage, and share our hunger and desire for a more sound approach to the Word of God and worship. He also tells us that wherever we have an opportunity to exert influence in a respectful way of spiritual authority, we will want to do that. Then what we do is supplement our lives with sermons from sound pastors, read great books, etc., for our own spiritual growth.

Dr. Philpot asks if it is ever okay for someone to decide that this sort of approach isn’t working for them? Since we live in a digital age, can’t someone just live-stream from a solid church each week? Wouldn't this be a healthy option to consider?

Dr. Caldwell says no, this isn’t what we want to do; online church is not church. The Church is the people of God, it is the assembling of God’s people, and we are to be present when it meets. But, if someone is in a very remote place where there is literally not one healthy church around, then maybe live streaming becomes a temporary option.

But even if this is done, it must be acknowledged that this is not going to church; this is not the church; this is temporary; it is what we are having to do, as we pray about what to do as a solution to the problem. Dr. Caldwell tells us he would argue that if there is no other solution, then we ought to relocate. We need to pick up and move because the Church is vital.

Lastly, Dr. Philpot mentions that Dr. Caldwell had spoken briefly about exhorting and encouraging pastors. He asks him to share some good and helpful ways to do this. Dr. Caldwell does this, offering different scenarios for an individual and for married couples to approach pastors and elders. He shares that any approach should never be underhanded or undercover. We want to be above board in everything we do by going straight to those in authority. We want to deal with them in such a manner that we will have a clear conscience. This way, no one can ever accuse us of sewing discord within the congregation.

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