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I Don’t Love My Spouse Anymore

The love that we first felt for each other is gone from our marriage, should we remain married? We’ve grown apart in our marriage and don’t love each other, is it okay to move on? Should I stay married to my spouse if I don’t love them anymore? 

On this week’s Straight Truth Podcast Dr. Richard Caldwell and host, Dr. Josh Philpot talk about marriage and love. Dr. Philpot comments that in our marriages we go through seasons of feeling greatly fulfilled, feeling loved and loving one another. Yet, there are also seasons and times of difficulties and struggles where we don’t feel in love, claim to have fallen out of love, or don’t have the love for one another that we did at the beginning of our marriage. He goes on to ask questions that many people ask about remaining in "loveless" marriages. He asks Dr. Caldwell how ought we to be thinking about these difficult situations?

Dr. Caldwell first asks, “Is our conception of marriage based on the Bible? He tells us if it is, then we will understand that it’s a covenant relationship. A covenant relationship that was created and ordained by God for one man and one woman, and when entered it is witnessed by others and God. This covenant relationship is a lifelong commitment and devotion to the one whom you marry, for better for worse, for good times and bad, through easy and tough times; you are obligated. You are obligated by the Word of God for a lifetime in this relationship.

Do you have a cultural concept of love or a biblical understanding of love?

Secondly, Dr. Caldwell asks, “Do you have a cultural concept of love or a biblical understanding of love?”.  Love from the biblical point of view, while affections and emotions can be influenced, is not chiefly or firstly a feeling. Biblical love is rooted in sacrifice, commitment, and devotion; it is not dependent on feelings and affections. Christians are commanded to love, even to love their enemies. So we can choose to love, it’s volitional and we must obey. This means devoting ourselves to our spouse in a way that is keeping with and consistent with the Scriptures. So, whether you feel it or not, is not the issue.

Dr. Philpot then asks if we, in this current culture, have lost the sense of covenant and what commitment to one another in covenant should be? In the New Testament, we are shown the Christ/Church union that marriage pictures. He also asks if we are so willing to just sever a commitment that we have made before God, here in our marriages, will we also be so willing to do this with the church and in other covenants and commitments?

Dr. Caldwell says there is no doubt that these things are true.  People do not see that they are not only responsible to the person they married and made promises to, but that they are also responsible to God. From the beginning, God designed marriage to speak of something greater than marriage. Having the biblical understanding of marriage will include knowing that Almighty God, who is omniscient and sovereign, planned before time began for marriage, this human, lifelong relationship, to speak of something greater than itself. In the New Testament, God teaches us about marriage by the union of Christ with His Church. 

Husbands should love their wives in a way that testifies to the love of Christ.

So our marriages are meant, in this unbelieving world, to be a testimony of the gospel. Husbands should love their wives in a way that testifies to the love of Christ. Wives should respond to their husbands in a way that testifies to the love of the Church. God planned for marriage to speak of these things from the very beginning.

So while the marriage covenant is meant for a lifetime, it does not mean that there are not biblical exceptions for someone to get divorced. Dr. Caldwell gives a couple of situations and biblical examples that help us to understand these exceptions. He also tells us that feeling unloved or feeling like we don’t love our spouse anymore, however, is not one of those exceptions. He explains that when we consider what the Bible teaches about love, forgiveness, covenant, faithfulness, keeping commitments, not breaking our vows, humility, grace and all these sorts of things, we will understand that marriage is to be lived at a very high standard. 

Jesus teaching on divorce in Matthew 19 is difficult, so much so, that when the disciples heard it, their response was, “If this is the case between the man and the woman, it is better not to be married.” They understood the heavy-duty sense of commitment that’s involved in a wedding and the marriage union. This does not appear to be the thinking and understanding of the culture at large, but it ought to be our thinking and understanding as Christians.

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