Illegal Immigration, Racism, and Christian Politics

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Illegal Immigration, Racism, and Christian Politics

This week on the Straight Truth Podcast, we’ve compiled three previous episodes. These are episodes that address heated topics for both the Christian and the non-Christian. The topics of illegal immigration, racism, and politics all affect the Christian as we live out our lives in this world. A very important truth to remember, as we do this, is that the Christian is to have a proper worldview that is cultivated from the Word of God, not the world around us. Hence, we have a responsibility to be informed biblically about these issues, so that we will think, understand, react, and be motivated to respond and act biblically.

Firstly, we believe the Bible to be the revealed Word of God. It not only reveals who God is but also who we are. It declares that all of mankind has sinned and that we all fall short of the glory of God. Yet it also declares that God has provided a way for us to be made right with Him, through the life, death, and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. Consequently, the Bible teaches there are only two kinds of men living on this earth, either fallen still in their sins or redeemed and forgiven in Christ. Keeping this truth in mind as we approach these topics will be of great help.

Nations are made up of differing ethnicities

Second, we know in this world there are many nations, not just one. However, no one nation is a race unto themselves. Nations are made up of differing ethnicities, not different races; this is a diversity of God’s making. There is only one race created by God and that's the human race. We are all descendants from our first parents, Adam and Eve. God in His infinite wisdom and creative purposes planned for diversity among us for our good and His glory, not for us to create division, hierarchy, oppression, and strife.

Third, God is the creator and author of the governing bodies that rule over us. Any power they have is derived, delegated, and appointed by Him. He allows for these to make, enact, and enforce laws that are for the common good of the people living under their rule. Government serves the purposes of God for the restraining of evil and the promotion of good. Politics comes out of the activities associated with governing or ruling, based on individuals grouping themselves under a belief system or “worldview” that they believe, i.e. how things should be run or operated. Often we see wrong, corruption, and outright evil within governing bodies as they make and enforce laws. But, this does not mean that God sanctions or endorses these. Even those who rule over us are subject to the laws of God and will be judged accordingly.

This world is not our home

Fourthly, as Christians, we must also remember that we are truly strangers and aliens in this world. This world is not our home. Christ’s kingdom is not of this world, and neither is ours, we are looking for a better country. Yet, we do and will live here until we pass away or Christ returns. Therefore we want to welcome, love and care for people - people that are not from our land, people that speak a different language, people that look different and have different skin color than ours, and even people that disagree with us. This is not to say that we are to embrace all that they stand for or propagate. We are to embrace the Word of God and stand firm on the truths that are given to us there.

Does this mean that there will be difficulties when it comes to living amongst those with whom we disagree? Absolutely! But as citizens of Christ's kingdom, we cannot take the law into our own hands. We must obey Him and this includes the authorities God has placed over us. We are to be known for our submission to governing authorities, not as lawbreakers, but as those who respect the law. This will include laws they create regarding legal/illegal immigration and recognizing the government’s role in protecting our borders as they enforce the laws that exist. We are not to look down on others, hurt, harm or mistreat others intentionally.

We are not to elevate ourselves above others nor oppress anyone because of their differences. Racism divides, perpetrates ongoing animosity, and harms the witness and truth of the gospel. We are to be peaceable, kind, gentle, compassionate people who do good to and for others; sharing the gospel and being a good witness to it.

Our Responses Must be Based on a Biblical Worldview

Will we see injustices perpetrated by the laws, rules, and regulations that are set forth by those that govern and rule over us, even by individuals against one another? Yes, we will, but our responses must still be based on a biblical worldview. We cannot deny nor diminish that we hurt, mistreat, and do great harm to one another. This is a result of man's sinful nature attempting to elevate itself. It can only be when men are right with God that they can be right with each other.

We do not live in paradise, this is not heaven, and no nation, the United States nor any other will be God’s kingdom on earth. No nation, no government, no political party, no rallies, no marches, no lobbying, no advocacy, and no rules or laws will ever save us and rescue us from ourselves. There is only one person who will ever usher in a truly righteous society and that is the Lord Jesus Christ. We will not have a world in which righteousness dwells in perfection until He returns to this earth.

Our problems can only be solved by the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Church is to teach and instruct God’s people with God’s Word, rightly equipping the saints. And we Christians must be clear on what we believe and why we believe it. The Word of God must guide our thinking, our understanding, our hearts, and motives for all these issues. We are to evangelize the lost and be “salt and light” in our cities and nations. Seeking to influence the watching and listening world for the kingdom of God.

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