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Important Questions to Ask Before Marriage

Important Questions to Ask Before Marriage

Can a Christian marry someone who is not a virgin? Doesn’t God’s Word teach us to remain pure before marriage and for the marriage bed to be undefiled? Does God allow for this kind of marriage, or is it prohibited?

The Word of God characterizes a godly marriage by a covenant relationship between one man and one woman in which there is no sexual immorality. Ideally, by the grace of God, this is the coming together in marriage as husband and wife, having known no one sexually before the marriage. This week on the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Richard Caldwell and host Dr. Josh Philpot sit down to discuss this topic. They seek to answer the questions posed along with a few additional ones. Their aim is to bring the Word of God to bear upon the questions and to make clear God has given a standard for marriage.

Dr. Caldwell reminds us that God’s will for marriage ought to be magnified and rejoiced over. It represents a wonderful, joyful, God-glorifying path, and we don’t want to diminish it in any way. It ought to be the aim of every believer who is saved early in life so that they can pursue this pathway for a lifetime.

However, having said this, he also reminds us that sin is forgiven in Christ. When sin is forgiven, it is truly and forever forgiven. So when two believers come together to be married where one has kept themselves pure, and the other is no longer a virgin, this does not prohibit the marriage. There can be other things that stand in the way of the marriage taking place. But where forgiveness for prior sin has taken place, it is real and does not stand in the way. This prompts Dr. Caldwell to share that in preparing couples for marriage, one thing that needs to be talked about is the practical realities that come about in life because of sin in a whole host of areas.

Having shared there are things that would prohibit or stand in the way of a marriage taking place for a believer, Dr. Caldwell elaborates on a couple. The marrying of an unbeliever is one, and the other is the issue of maturity/immaturity. Other questions Dr. Caldwell answers are: What should family members say and do when a child/relative is pursuing a marriage that doesn’t honor the Lord? What should be done when the child/family member is adamant about marrying someone of a different faith? What should family members say and do when the child/family member is not a Christian seeking to marry someone who is not a Christian?

In answering these questions, Dr. Caldwell also reminds us that God’s standard for marriage is different for the one professing to know Jesus Christ. For those who profess to know Christ, we must hold them to the standard of Scripture. We cannot support them as a professing believer as they knowingly violate God’s will in any area of their life. Doing so will devastate them, and it would be unloving of us to affirm them in their sinful path. We want to do everything in our area of responsibility to try to rescue our child/family member from this.

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