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  1. It is a mistake to call any of the first two chapters of Genesis "accounts of Creation". They are not. The seven era narrative shown to Moses was concerning the seven periods of time that Yehovah was revealing to Moses, on Mt. Sinai, in 1598 BC. It was one day each, taken from seven different weeks, which were the first week of the seven eras. The first was Creation Week, represented by the Fourth Day, followed by six Restoration Weeks. Five of the periods are from the ancient past. One is of our own period (second day), and one is of a future period (third day, feast of Tabernacles), when Yeshua will dwell on Earth and rule all the universe from the New Jerusalem. Starting with Passover (Wednesday), the 12-hr days follow the sequence of the seven Feasts of the Lord, given to Israel. The second chapter of Genesis begins the history of modern man, which began in 7,200 BC. Therefore, any creationist that claims the dinosaurs and dimetrodons died in Noah’s flood (2611 BC) is a clown. Herman Cummings ephraim7 at aol dot com

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