Relationship Principles For Older and Younger Men In Ministry

Relationship Principles For Older and Younger Men In Ministry. Watch This Episode on YouTube


Relationship Principles For Older and Younger Men In Ministry. Watch this episode on Vimeo

Relationship Principles For Older and Younger Men In Ministry.

How can older men and younger men in ministry benefit one another? Do pastors have a role and responsibility to help encourage, guide, and instruct younger men in the church? Dr. Josh Philpot shares that Dr. Richard Caldwell is a seasoned pastor/minister who has participated in the instruction, teaching, and encouragement of younger men. Having benefited from this himself, Dr. Philpot asks Dr. Caldwell to share some principles for maximizing these kinds of relationships.

Dr. Caldwell states in order for both the older men and the younger men to get their minds right about these kinds of relationships, it requires mutual respect. Without it, these relationships will not thrive. Sometimes older men have this old-man mindset that has to be put off. They need to remember what it was like when they began in ministry. There are great strengths, zeal, hopefulness, and expectations in our youthfulness for ministry service. If older men can remember this, they will be less inclined to diminish the importance of younger men and not treat them as if they are somehow beneath them. Younger men need to have the realization that experience is helpful. They need to respect and even admire men who have served years before them. If older men can respect the blessing of youthfulness, and if younger men can respect the blessing of experience, then an opportunity exists for a great partnership for mutual encouragement.

Older men need to be willing to pour life experiences into younger men. They also need to be available, never knowing when younger men might need help. Younger men need not be ashamed to admit what they don’t know. There needs to be wisdom that reaches out for help and does not try to push through battles and difficulties alone.

Dr. Caldwell explains that he believes when churches are doing ministry well, then these kinds of relationships actually form in the local church. Pastors need to see this and recognize their role and responsibility to participate in leading and instructing younger men. It is something that they need to have worked into their worldview concerning ministry; it’s something the Lord expects of them as His servants. When this is understood, these relationships will start in their churches. They will flourish and expand both internally and externally. Dr. Caldwell says that having these kinds of friendships in ministry is where mutual blessing occurs, and it’s a sweet privilege from the Lord.

Lastly, Dr. Caldwell shares that there is always someone who is ahead of us and always someone we can be of benefit to during our course of life. There will be opportunities to learn and opportunities to pass on our learning. To be committed to both tends to our spiritual health. As men move about in these relationships, there needs to be humility in both the older and younger that is real and not feigned. Younger men bring something to the ministry that helps older men as they get older. Older men bring something to ministry that helps younger men in ministry. If both can see these things, the result will be mutual blessing in the relationship.

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