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Restoring a Broken Marriage (Season 3 Episode 26)

This week on the Straight Truth Podcast, the best Christian podcast on the web, we are talking about restoring a broken marriage.

Our marriage has been rocked by unfaithfulness, I’m devastated. How should I treat my spouse now that trust has been broken? How do we move on from this? Can our marriage marred by infidelity, ever be restored? 

In this episode of the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Richard Caldwell and special guest Dr. Nicolas Ellen will help us understand that there is hope for marriages that are suffering from unfaithfulness.  They explain that recovery begins with a willingness to take the steps necessary that can save and restore the marriage. We must begin with forgiveness – a forgiveness that can only be understood in the light of Christ and His work on the Cross.

Where should we be focused as we struggle with this pain? Does the church have anything to offer in guidance? What is the role of the body of Christ in these difficult situations? These questions and more are addressed in this episode of the Straight Truth Podcast, as Dr. Richard Caldwell and Dr. Nicolas Ellen take us to God’s Word. 

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  1. I try to subscribe to the YouTube channel and it goes to a blank screen nothing loads not very helpful
    • admin
      Hello Russel, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. There seems to be a bug on one of our YouTube buttons, I believe I have addressed it. Let me know if you are still experiencing the problem, and if you are, let me know which button you are having the issue with. There are 3 subscribe buttons on this page, if you are visiting on your phone, you will be able to subscribe from the YouTube Icon underneath our logo, The button underneath the embedded YouTube video on this page, and the YouTube icon towards the end of this page. You can also subscribe by clicking on this link: All our buttons and links will take you to our YouTube page where you can subscribe. Thanks again for your interest in the Straight Truth Podcast.
  2. What are your thoughts on abuse in a marriage. Not just infidelity, but emotional and verbal abuse. I didn't see a link but could have missed it. I'm interested because I'm doing your devotion threw my bible app, and the first day speaks of forgiveness.. how does that look when your husband consistently violates you?
    • admin
      Hello Dawn: Although I won't be able to respond to your question, if you allow me to, I can forward your questions to one of the pastors at Founders Baptist Church, who could offer you more assistance. We will also consider your question as a topic for a future episode of the Straight Truth Podcast. Thank you and God Bless.
    • admin
      Hello Dawn, Today we publish an answer to your question:
  3. What is your advice for a person in a verbally abusive marriage? Thank you.
    • admin
      Hello Yvonne, Today we publish a follow up to this video and an answer to your question:
  4. Mi duda es: cuando se restaura un matrimonio y se perdona la infidelidad y las mentiras, la falta de interés en la familia y la falta de compromiso en tomar sus responsabilidades, es labor del ofendido poner todo de su parte, perdonar y buscar siempre la comunión con Dios para que Dios restaure o es labor de Dios hacer que el corazón ofendido sane y empiecen de nuevo sin dolor alguno??
    • Ojalá y los videos salieran en español
      • Hola, puedes ver el video con subtítulos en español, lo único que debes hacer es dar clicks en la esquina derecha donde veas los tres puntitos y después dar click donde dice "closed caption", sé abrirá un nuevo menú donde aparecen varios idiomas, ahí tienes que seleccionar español y listo. Espero sea de ayuda. Bendiciones.
  5. I want info on how to rebuild a marriage has gone through divorce. My wife and I divorced but I believe there is hope to rebuild again. She feels it and so do I. Please send me literature on this subject.
    • admin
      Have you listen to the sermon links on this post? Those are excellent resources. True Repentance Why Forgiven People Must Forgive Dealing with Disobedience in Marriage Part 1 Dealing with Disobedience in Marriage Part 2 Difficult Marriages
  6. I'm a disabled veteran. Fought for my country. Married to my wife 17 years. Recently she had an affair with another married man. I knew something was wrong and was going crazy trying to catch her. Eventually, I did. There was a lot of bad things said about me by her to her piece of crap boyfriend. They did this 12 times and had numerous email exchanges. I'm so hurt. But I love her. I can't turn that off, and I can't divorce her. We have 3 sons. I'm struggling hard with forgiveness. I already had issues with suicidal thoughts from my service in Iraq. Now, I just wanna die even more. Why didn't God protect me? Why didn't he prevent her from hurting me? Why has God let so many bad things happen to me? Why does God hate me? I'm so close to saying goodbye now more than ever. I don't know what to do....
  7. MR
    Hello Dale, how are you? I have experienced some of the same feelings and questions. Know that you matter! Pray🙏 God will show you the way through this.

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