Satan Explained: Top Questions About Satan Answered

"Satan Explained: Top Questions About Satan Answered" | Watch This Episode on YouTube


"Satan Explained: Top Questions About Satan Answered" | Watch this episode on Vimeo

Satan Explained: Top Questions About Satan Answered

Why did God create Satan? Why was he allowed in the Garden of Eden? How is Satan allowed to be in God’s presence if God cannot look upon sin? Didn’t God toss him out of heaven and down to earth? The New Testament tells us that he prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. The Book of Job reveals some of his strategizing. We gain other insights about him from Jesus’ ministry, like when he tempts Jesus in the wilderness, and even a conversation that our Lord has with Peter reveals something about the devil’s scheming ways. So Satan really exists and is a very real, spiritual enemy. But what can we really know about him, and how can we know it? If we are in a spiritual war and are to battle our enemy, Satan, and his demonic forces, how are we to do it? Are we to rebuke and bind Satan, even cast demons out? Are we commanded or ever taught to do these things? Join us this week on the Straight Truth Podcast as we’ve compiled several episodes to give you some Biblical answers to these and other questions that will help Believers to be appropriately armed for a battle that is also very real.


As Dr. Caldwell begins to answer these questions, he reminds us that there are things that God has revealed, and there are things He has not. There are things He has told us that He wants us to know and things that we won't ever know (Deuteronomy 29:29). The answer to many of these questions, as unsatisfactory as it will be to many, is that it’s for God’s glory. Everything that God has done and is working out is according to His will and, ultimately, for His glory. There are a myriad of things that God is doing and a myriad of decisions wrapped up in all that He does. So even as God created Satan, there was a purpose for Him making him, and Satan is fulfilling that purpose. And while we know that God does not delight in evil, He had a reason to decree the fall of Satan and the fall of man. There are certain things that God has decreed that involve things that do not please Him. Dr. Caldwell believes this includes the existence of evil and everything else. In the final analysis, all this is good, or God would not have ordained it because God is perfectly good and wise. Where then God has not revealed the answers to some of these mysterious questions, we must learn to be content. One of the greatest things a Christian can learn is to be content with what God has revealed. Having said this, however, what we can know is that it’s for God’s glory and that the glory of God is being displayed through all the events that take place according to His plans and purposes.


While God takes no pleasure in evil and cannot look upon sin, He is omnipresent and omniscient. God is everywhere, He sees and knows everything, He is always present. Because He is present everywhere, He is always in the presence of sin and the creatures who commit it. So even though Satan fell in sin and was cast out of heaven, it seems as though he is still granted some kind of access before God (Job, Luke 22:31). This access appears to continue today even as we read in the New Testament that Satan, our enemy, is referred to as the accuser of the brethren who accuses us day and night. This is an unseen reality that we must be aware of, alert to, and be on guard for at all times. Satan really exists and is active in every realm of the world. While he is not omnipresent, he is not alone in the spiritual realm. Satan is the leader of a whole host of demonic forces. He seeks to kill, steal, and destroy. We can say that his bull’s eye target is the people of God, the church of God in the world. God’s Word instructs us in the ways that Satan seeks to tempt us, deceive us, lead us astray, and cause us to walk in a manner unworthy of our calling. Scripture tells us he is shrewd and subtle. It also identifies him as a liar, a deceiver, and a murderer from the beginning. 1 Peter 5:8 says the devil is our adversary and that we are to be sober and vigilant because he prowls around seeking someone to devour. Believers must be armed with the truth about his character, schemes, strategies, and tactics. We must be armed to fight the battle. But we are not to engage in this battle armed with plastic swords or some trumped-up imaginary ways to fight against Satan and demons. Our battle is spiritual and thus requires spiritual armor. The Bible, the Word of God, provides our armor. Scriptural truth is not just a set of rules; it is our armor against the deceiver’s arrows. In Ephesians 6, the Apostle Paul, using the analogy of a soldier’s military armor, gives us what we need to engage in this battle. Each item Paul describes is meant to present us with something real and substantive, so it’s important to focus on what each piece of the armor represents. Dr. Caldwell walks us through this passage and explains how God has provided exactly what we need for the spiritual battle. It’s imperative to have a proper understanding of this. We must know that only when we take up the armor and weapons that God has provided, applying them with the Spirit's help, will we be able to stand firm in the evil day as temptations and battles come. 


In addition to reminding us to put on our armor, to stand firm being strengthened by God, and to pray at all times, Dr. Caldwell also encourages us to remember the final chapter of this cosmic battle. Satan's end is assured. His destruction is not something we sort of hope for; it is a guaranteed future reality penned by the hand of our Sovereign God (Revelation 20:10). So, we want to ground ourselves in biblical truth to resist the devil and to live with assurance that victory belongs to God.

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