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Should A Christian Vote For A Democrat?

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Should A Christian Vote For A Democrat?

Should A Christian Vote For A Democrat?

This season on the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Richard Caldwell and host Dr. Josh Philpot are before a live audience seeking to answer questions that are on the hearts and minds of those in attendance. Today we have Brianna, who states that she sees voting for a Democrat as inappropriate for a Christian due to differing beliefs on abortion, sexuality, and gender issues. Brianna wants to know how to help people that she sees heading in the wrong direction with the choices that they are making when it comes to these things and more. She would like to know what Scriptures she can appeal to that she might be able to help those with whom she speaks?

Dr. Caldwell says that these are important issues. He tells us that he doesn’t know how everyone in the church he shepherds votes, nor does he spend his time trying to dictate how they do. What he wants and desires for his local congregation to do is to learn the Word of God in its fullness. He wants every person there to be saturated with the Scriptures then apply that worldview to everything that they do in life. This of course includes our role as citizens in this country (the U.S.A.) and the ability to vote.

Voting gives us an opportunity to think carefully about the persons, policies, and platforms. It allows us the opportunity to choose wisely, based on the information we have and understand. With this in mind, Dr. Caldwell says that what he would say, along with others who have spoken about this topic, is that he does not believe that you can serve Christ, be true to the Scriptures, and affirm the Democratic platform. He says, “You can’t vote for that.”

Remain True To The Scriptures

Dr. Caldwell says that what has been brought up and asked actually introduced some of those things, that as Christians, we cannot agree with and remain true to the Scriptures. He discusses several of these helping us to look at them as God looks at them. Dr. Caldwell goes on to say it isn’t just the legitimizing of these things, as we have done in our culture, but it is also the promoting of them, the glorying in it. He states that these really are monumental issues. He just doesn’t know how a believer, one that is biblically well-informed, could affirm the things that God says are abominations.

Dr. Caldwell wants to be clear that he would not say that anyone who voted for a Democrat is lost; that is not what he is saying. What he is saying is that the Democratic platform is out of step with the Word of God. However, he also says the Republican party and their platform have and are increasingly moving away from the things that we believe as well. Our concern should not be about being identified as a Republican or a Democrat but instead as Christians.

In every election, we are not only given the opportunity, but we also have a responsibility to examine the people, the policies, and the platforms. We want to be looking for those that line up the closest to a Judeo-Christian worldview versus an agnostic or atheistic worldview. Dr. Caldwell encourages all Christians to think carefully about how they can best influence the culture as citizens of their countries. He wants Christians to examine the issues carefully and biblically and then vote that way.

Dependent Effort

But how do you tell someone that you think they are headed in the wrong direction with their thinking and choices? How do you present the errors you see kindly while not appear to be attacking those with whom you speak? Dr. Caldwell says it must be done with dependent effort. You don’t make it about yourself, nor about the person with whom you are speaking; you make it about the Bible. You go to the Word of God and evaluate the platforms by the light of Scripture. You take the truths of Scripture and let it address and answer. You compare what is written in those platforms with the Word of God and ask, “does this line up”. There will be problems on both sides, but having done this, you can then go and ask which one best reflects a Christian worldview.

Dr. Caldwell believes that we are living in a day of high confidence but low competence. He sees people as very impressed with themselves and their opinions. He tells us that even when you can show people the weakness of their viewpoints, they will often hold to them with great tenacity. So what he says we need to be able to do at the end of the day is say with Joshua – “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” We can only be responsible for our own choices in the ultimate sense. We can pray that the Lord will use us to help someone else think and choose rightly, but we can’t dictate that as pastors nor as believers. We can seek to influence others, but we have to leave them in the hands of God.

Pray With Patience

Dr. Caldwell reflects on the days of his youth. He remembers times when he was young and foolish in his thinking. Many times thinking he was right, when in-fact later found out he was wrong. He tells us this is the reason he can pray with patience and compassion for the younger generation. In doing this, he has hope that they will have the humility and wisdom to learn from the generation ahead of them. One of the greatest challenges he sees against this is a lack of respect for older seasoned believers who have biblical wisdom and experience with God. He tells us that we all need to have the kind of humility that is willing to learn at every age. Dr. Caldwell further informs us that we are on very dangerous ground when we think we know everything.

Voting for one party or the other does not make us morally virtuous or superior in any way. Yet, as Christians, each of us has the responsibility to be biblically well-informed and always prepared to make the best choices possible. We will only be able to do this if we are immersed, saturated, thoroughly informed, and directed by the Scriptures. We are to take them and apply them, living them out daily, with our full dependence on the grace of God and His Spirit.

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