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A Christian Perspective on School Shootings

Today on the Straight Truth Podcast Dr. Richard Caldwell and host Dr. Josh Philpot, discuss the barrage of horrific tragedies in school shootings, other shootings, and other horrifying incidents that we hear and read about. As we learn about these things, we hear question after question that ultimately comes down to the little word “why”. Dr. Caldwell tells us that it is good for us to remember that in the vast majority of redemptive history, people thought of these issues in the category of sin. Today this is still the most appropriate way to deal with and understand them, we need to evaluate them as sin issues.

Dr. Caldwell says that there is no doubt that there is such a thing as mental instability. However, it’s sin that makes a person mentally unstable, not the act of sin that makes a person such. The effect of sin on humanity is that every part of man’s being has been affected. This includes our minds, our affections, our wills, and every aspect of our being. So what we are witnessing in these acts taking place in the world, are the effects of sin.  Therefore, we cannot measure our answer to these things by how a world that is hostile to God will receive the answer. 

We Need a Biblical perspective on School Shootings

As we look at these things and process them, it needs to be with a biblical perspective. Are these acts human injustices? Yes. Are there possible issues in these people that are organic in nature that may contribute to the horrific sinful acts they commit? Yes. Can doctors and medicines help with some of these issues? Yes. But, even when this is the case, along with medical help, we need to take people to the Scriptures. We need to talk to them about sin, we need to talk to them about their sin issues. It’s the Scriptures that give us the answer for sin; the answer is salvation.

Dr. Caldwell discusses a biblical example from Luke 13 where Jesus speaks to those around Him, about a specific human injustice and a tragic accident that had occurred in and around their country. Jesus’ response to these incidents amazes. He doesn’t discuss justice or injustice, He discusses the greatness of sin and the eternal consequences of sin. He points those around Him to their need for repentance and reconciliation with God. The issue that He shows them that they need to be concerned and focused on is their souls. Sin is their greatest problem, it must be addressed and dealt with. 

So as we look at these horrible, tragic, egregious acts that are perpetrated by people on others that often involves the death of children, we can see that we are dealing with people who have been affected by sin. However, we also need to consider it from the standpoint of Gods sovereignty. We cannot say that God is not sovereign over the world He has made. While God allows these acts to take place, He takes no pleasure in the sin or the wickedness that results from it. 

Men are Responsible for the Sinful Atrocious Acts They Commit

Men are responsible for the sinful atrocious acts they commit and are to be held accountable for them.  Justice may prevail in this world and it may not. Some sins will be dealt with in the here and now, and other sins await the day when the full wrath of God is revealed against sin. As Christians who believe the Scriptures and trust the wisdom of God, our hearts must be satisfied with this answer. We know there is coming a day when justice will be handed out, and it will be full and final justice. God who is sovereign is also the God who is judge; as the sovereign, just judge He will make every wrong right. Mankind that is hostile towards God will never be satisfied with this answer.

Dr. Caldwell says that we can and will often be satisfied to some degree when we see a temporary kind of justice in this world. (e.g., when we see someone convicted of a crime they commit) Yet, there is no justice on this side of eternity that’s perfect or fully complete. Christians know this and are comforted by the knowledge that one day everything will be as it should be. So we must wait and rest in this truth. But for those who are not reconciled to God through Christ, this is the point of Christ’s discussion in Luke 13:1-5. It’s not wrong to be concerned and outraged for those that befall earthly injustices and tragic calamities, those who die physically at the hands or mishap of others. 

A Judgment that is Coming for All Men Everywhere

But our attention must not be so much on the justice or injustice that comes about on this earth, but upon the judgment that is coming for all men everywhere. So as we watch these things unfold, sometimes right before our eyes, we need to look to the Word of God to be informed. Jesus tells those around Him that unless they repent, they will all likewise perish(Luke 13:3,5). He repeats this twice to reinforce the inevitable calamity that we all face. We need to have the right understanding that we could perish in our sin at any moment. 

Dr. Caldwell puts forth questions we must all ask of ourselves: What’s going to happen to your own soul if your sin issues are not dealt with by the blood of Christ? What’s going to happen if you’re not forgiven and reconciled to God through Christ? What will be the outcome for you?

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