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Should Christians Fight The Cultural Wars? Watch this episode on Vimeo

Should Christians Fight The Cultural Wars?

This week on the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Josh Philpot and Dr. Richard Caldwell discuss the place of the Christian in the wars going on in the culture. Dr. Philpot asks if Christians should be fighting in the cultural wars raging in our society. Should Christians be out fighting against things like abortion, lgbtq+, transgenderism, racial injustice, and these sorts of things? Should Christians be working to influence the country with Christian beliefs and values? It seems there are many different thoughts and understandings among Christians regarding this. He asks Dr. Caldwell what would he answer regarding this? What can he share that would help to distill the disunity and division this might be causing within the Church body?

As Dr. Caldwell thinks about the word fight, he wonders, in what sense are we fighting. He says this is important to answer. If we are speaking about whether believers should care about these issues, the answer is yes. Believers should seek to be an influence on all these issues and not be apathetic. But should believers think of fighting the way the world thinks of fighting, taking up these issues as excuses to act and behave in ways unbecoming as a child of God? No believers should not react and respond in ways that are not in keeping with our calling. Dr. Caldwell says some distinctions need to be made.
There is a difference between the role of the Church as a body and that of the believer as an individual member of the body. Dr. Caldwell shares that he sees nothing in the New Testament, according to the assignment Christ gave to His Church, that includes involvement in social protests, marches, the seeking to influence votes of legislators, and things like this. Dr. Caldwell does not believe that this is the task of the Lord’s Church. The Church's task is the great commission. It is what the Church is called to do and be about.

But as believers, we aren’t just members of the Lord’s Church. We are also citizens of our country. The Lord has placed us here on this earth where we are to live our lives out until he returns or calls us home. We do this as individuals. As individuals, we think, vote, influence, etc. So there is this distinction to be made between our life in the Church and our life as an individual. But, we mustn't ever divorce our life as an individual from our calling as a Christian. In this position, we are different from those who do not know Jesus. In all our interactions, we want to remember and be mindful of what mans greatest need is at all times. Man's greatest need is not a political shift, and it’s not even moral improvement. Man's greatest problem is his sin and not being reconciled to his Creator; his greatest need is deliverance.

If we have this knowledge and understanding, it should influence the way we interact with people on all these issues. While speaking the truth and evangelizing is often confrontational, we should never go about it in a combative manner. We want to be humble and respectful, and where we have the opportunity to influence the culture, we want to do that. However, what we don’t want to do, is confuse lost humanity about our main concern and mans greatest need. We are an object of the mercy of God, just like they need to be. We want to convey all of this in the manner we deal with these issues. We want to remember that we represent Christ to the lost and dying world. We must not excuse behaviors, attitudes, and speech from ourselves that the Lord will not excuse. We are to reflect Christ and His likeness.

We are to be salt and light, using the weapons of our warfare to break down strongholds, false ideas, and lofty thoughts against the knowledge of God. Yes, it is good to be passionate and zealous about these things, but we want to care about people, about souls, and have compassion for them. Our desire should be to see men saved, not damned. So then, we must remember that our battle is not with flesh and blood. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal. Passages of Scripture, such as Ephesians 4, should rule our discourse, our behaviors, and our attitudes.

Many of these ideas have destructive consequences. These ideas are NOT benign. We should not remove ourselves and our involvement altogether from the debates on these things. As Christian human beings, we are responsible for influencing the world we live in, in every way possible that we can with God’s truth. But we must also remember what we are really at war with. In the ultimate sense, what this world needs is not behaviorism and not moralism; the greatest need is salvation. Therefore, we must not be surprised when lost humanity doesn’t respond the way we want them to. They do not see what we see. The only way for them to see what we see is through their deliverance. The only person who can grant this is Jesus. So share the gospel, don’t become weary, exhausted, tap out, and give up. We need to be involved and seek to influence for the sake of what is right. All the while remembering we are Christians.

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