Should Christians Refer To People By Their Preferred Pronouns?

Should Christians Refer To People By Their Preferred Pronouns? | Watch This Episode on YouTube


Should Christians Refer To People By Their Preferred Pronouns?

Should Christians Refer To People By Their Preferred Pronouns?

Would it be compromising for a Christian to refer to someone by their desired pronouns? Is it sinful to go along with someone out of kindness when the pronoun they ask us to use does not match who they are? How should Christians handle themselves when faced with this way of thinking?

This week on the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Richard Caldwell and host Dr. Josh Philpot tackle this new cultural issue of pronoun use in personhood identity. They address this issue based on the Biblical understanding of who God made us to be and how God reveals this in His Word. The specific question asked, is can and should a Christian compromise when faced with this new way of thinking and believing?

Dr. Caldwell says that this is a difficult question and is an issue that will be unavoidable for all of us sooner or later. He tells us, speaking for himself, he cannot violate what God has done, what God has made. He does not see how we can honor the God of the Bible and compromise in ways where we would have to act as if we believe something that we absolutely do not believe.

This Cultural Idea Of Preferred Pronouns

To respond to this cultural idea of preferred pronouns will require graciousness and courage. What we do not want to do is insult someone on purpose. We want to try to avoid offense in every way that we can. We can try to think about other ways to refer to a person and not violate the Truth. But if forced into a situation where an individual's pronoun preference does not match reality, Dr. Caldwell says, he would refuse to refer to them by such.

He would make every attempt to be clear that it is not a personal animus at work and that he is not out to attack the person as an individual. Dr. Caldwell would explain that his refusal to compromise and comply is due to his fidelity to the Truth, his loyalty to the living God and His Word. To speak against reality, to not speak the Truth amounts to a lie.

So then, what if refusing to call someone by their preferred pronoun could result in a person losing their job? Dr. Caldwell tells us that we better be prepared for suffering, that we need to arm ourselves for persecution. Faithfulness to Christ is costly. The Lord Jesus charged us that we must love Him more than anybody, even more than our own lives. Standing firm and contending for the Truth will eventually impact us economically, vocationally, and relationally.

Wisdom That Comes From Above

Dr. Philpot asks about James 3:13-17, and the wisdom that is earthly, and the wisdom that comes from above. How does this text apply to this situation and others we might face? Dr. Caldwell shares that the wisdom that comes down from above is full of peace and gentle in nature, but it is also truthful and sincere at the same time. So to engage in any form of hypocrisy would not be exercising the wisdom of God. Yet, even if we approach this discussion in a peaceful, kind, and gentle manner, it can still be absolutely offensive to the culture. But we cannot measure our kindness by the standard of the world; we have to measure it by God’s standard.

Dr. Caldwell speaks of 1 Corinthians 13. He shares how it teaches us about love, how the Christian life is a life of love. This love includes how we are to love a world full of hostility. But it is not a love that rejoices in iniquity. Christian love rejoices in the Truth. Therefore, it never affirms evil, and it always speaks the Truth in love. It's not loving to affirm a lie. It's not loving to affirm a perspective that belongs to a lostness that will, in the final sense, lead to damnation. We must speak the Truth, demonstrating and reflecting the character and conduct of God Himself.

Share Our Lord’s Truth

So if we take this issue, as we must do with many others, if we take the whole of Scripture as it teaches and informs us how to respond, then our message will be matched by a manner that belongs to it. Doing this is beyond our own capacity, and it is why we need what the Spirit of God produces in us. We want to share our Lord’s Truth, in the power of His Spirit, in the character of Christ.

We want Him to work in our life so that what people meet with is the Lord Jesus Christ through us. That should be our desire.

Our desire ought to be to speak and share the Truth of God in love, remembering His love for us while we were still sinners, His enemies, actual haters of God. We should endeavor to love those well with whom we disagree and cannot compromise or capitulate by being peaceful, kind, and gentle in our approaches with them.

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