Should I Marry Someone with a Different Religion?

Should I marry someone with a different religion? (Season 1 Episode 1)

Should I marry someone with a different religion? What about someone who is not religious at all? Does it really matter if I marry someone who is not a Christian?

These types of questions often arise during the dating process. Thankfully, the Bible is not silent when it comes to the most important aspects of choosing a spouse. Dr. Richard Caldwell and special guest Dr. Ken Ramey provide thoughtful, yet straightforward answers to these questions from the standpoint of a Biblical worldview.

After addressing the issue of marrying someone of a different religion, they take the question a step further and explore what the Bible says about an established marriage in which one of the spouses has become a Christian, but the other remains unsaved. Should they stay married?  If so, how should the believing spouse relate to the unbelieving spouse? All of these questions are addressed in this brief podcast, as Dr. Richard Caldwell and Dr. Ken Ramey take us to God’s Word.

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