Should Women Be in Combat Roles in the Military?

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Should Women Be in Combat Roles in the Military?

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Should Women Be in Combat Roles in the Military?

Should women be in combat roles in the military? How can the Bible help inform our response? For this or any matter how can the Bible help address any question about our culture or any other culture?

This week on the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Richard Caldwell and Dr. Josh Philpot discuss the answer to the question regarding women in combat roles through the lens of Scripture. Dr. Caldwell reminds us that this is always their approach to answering any question or topic that is presented in these weekly podcasts. They take the whole of what Scripture teaches about everything and then work to the specific issues that are discussed. There will be some issues that are directly addressed in Scripture and others that are not.

As Christians, we are to see and understand the world around us through the lens of Scripture. We do this by having our minds saturated with, and informed by the Word of God. As we do this, our worldview is dictated by God's revelation. So then when we come to the things that the Bible doesn’t directly address, we still have the principles by which we can think through these issues. We are then able to go about living our lives, choosing, deciding, and giving answers in light of these truths. That’s part of what we want people to learn through this podcast, how to think biblically.

Dr. Caldwell says to answer this particular question, we must take the whole of what the Bible teaches about God’s design for men and women, what He designed them to be, about masculinity and femininity, and what it says about Adam's responsibilities and Eve’s responsibilities.

The Structure of the Family

We start in Genesis and then move through the rest of Scripture, looking at the focus on men, the focus on women, the structure of the family, and the structure of the church. Then we ask the question – should we be sending our daughters, wives, and mothers out to defend us in combat? Dr. Caldwell says for him, it’s an easy question to answer – No, no way should that be happening. Men are designed by God to be providers and protectors of our daughters, wives, and mothers, not to hide behind them. Scripture presents men as strong and even commands men to act like men and be strong (1 Cor. 16:13).

Does this mean that women can’t be strong and only the men know strength? Dr. Caldwell says no, there is a strength that belongs to femininity. But these strengths differ and have become increasingly blurred in our world. These differences between men and women, and boys and girls are an area where these truths are under attack. Satan the enemy of our souls, is a role reversal master. He does it when it comes to sexuality, in behaviors that are assigned to genders, and to roles that have been assigned in the church.

He loves to take God’s design and turn it on its head, and in doing so he insults our Maker and injures us. Dr. Caldwell gives an example and insight from the Bible in Isaiah 3:12 where role reversals have taken place. Here we see men not acting as men and women are acting in their stead. Where this is happening in society and within cultures this is actually a picture of the judgment of God.

The Bible does not claim to be culturally conditioned

Dr. Philpot says, but aren’t there those who say that these are culturally conditioned answers? Weren’t these things in the Bible assigned for those people and that time? We live in the 21st century, these are different times, different cultures, and there are even different weapons of warfare where women can participate and not be in front line troops. He asks Dr. Caldwell what would he say to these things? Dr. Caldwell replies that this is where one must study and know what the Bible says about itself. The Bible does not claim to be culturally conditioned. While it is brought to us out of a particular time and culture, the truths and principles are timeless.

He provides a clear biblical example of this from Matthew 5 and 19 where Jesus answers a question about marriage. He explains that it’s here where Jesus, and elsewhere in the New Testament Paul, stand their ground on biblical truth. They both are removed by thousands of years from Adam and Eve, but both take us back to Genesis to confirm what God has said. The Word of God is timeless truth. Where the culture doesn’t reflect Scripture, the problem is not with Scripture, the problem is with the culture. It’s as applicable in the time in which we are living, as it has ever been.

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