Sinning: Why Can't I Stop Sinning?
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Sinning: Why Can't I Stop Sinning?

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Sinning: Why Can't I Stop Sinning?

This week on the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Richard Caldwell and Dr. Josh Philpot discuss the ramifications of sin in the life of a Christian. Christians understand when they become saved that their sins are forgiven by God, in Christ. Yet, because sin has not been eradicated from our lives, the day-to-day reality continues to be a struggle. How are Christians to deal with this? The desire to do right and obey is there, yet at times we find ourselves still living in disobedience anyway. Often the result of the sinning brings feelings of guilt and grief. Sometimes there are even feelings of despair and worthlessness as Christians are continuously aware of their ongoing failure to please God. Does God punish us for this ongoing sin that we commit now or, will we be punished one day at the judgment seat of Christ?

Dr. Caldwell says the New Testament is full of teaching given to the Christian that explains what God has done in saving us. It may be that so much attention is given to this because we are a forgetful people. Therefore, the Bible continues to explain the Gospel to people who have received the Gospel, being a continual reminder for us of what God has done for us. We are people who have been justified by faith in Jesus Christ. We are people who have peace with God. So from the standpoint of God as our judge, there is no condemnation left for us.

We Now Lack Nothing

Because Christ, our Savior, took upon Himself our condemnation, dying as our substitute on the cross, we now lack nothing to be accepted as complete before God. We are declared righteousness, but is not our righteousness. It’s a gift given to us. The perfect righteousness of God’s Son has been imputed to our account. By faith, the very moment we trusted in Christ, we received this gift, all our sins forgiven, a perfect standing with God. So on our best days, we are no more pleasing to God than we are on our worst days. God’s pleasure in us is not explained by us, but by the perfect life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Does this mean there is not any punishment for our sinning as Christians, can we go on and not worry or be concerned about sin in our lives? Is it true, to say that just because we're saved that we can go on living in sin and that there won’t be repercussions, consequences for sin in this life? Dr. Caldwell says, of course not. Hebrews 12 describes God as Father over His children. We also learn there that God disciplines those who are His children. So as children of God, we can displease our Father, and we will receive discipline for our sins. As Christians, we will experience the ramifications of our sinning in this temporal life.

God still disciplines and corrects us for our sinning because He loves us. So in this sense, there is punishment for our sinning. But, in the coming reality of final judgment and everlasting damnation, we stand and will stand before God wholly accepted in His Son.

We Don’t Measure Up

When we read through the New Testament, it’s easy to see how we don’t measure up and occasionally even to be pained by our lack of obedience. At times we may experience feelings of guilt, shame, sadness, regret, and a sense of being overwhelmed by our sin. However, if we find ourselves regularly and continually plagued by the guilt of our conscience, we need to deal with it. To ignore it, attempt to brush it off, blame others, or even excuse it is not the answer to dealing with these feelings. The way we deal with a guilty conscience is to confess our sin.

We are to go about confessing and repenting of our sins daily. Repentance is not a one-time event that took place on the day of our conversion. Repentance is an ongoing lifetime experience for Christians. We must do this knowing what God has done for us in His Son, and this involves progressive sanctification. Sanctification is learning what is pleasing to the Lord. Christians should want to learn what is pleasing to God, and as Christians, we know that sinning does not. Therefore we need to know what God says is sin because sanctification involves confessing our sin. Where there is no confession of sin, we aren't forgiven, and we are not a believer(1John1:9).

So then, Christians must hold two things in tension. One, we are fully forgiven, and we stand before God wholly accepted in His Son. Second, we are to go about daily confessing our sins, turning from our sins, and repenting of our sins, as we seek to pursue a good, clear conscience in the sight of God. This is the perspective that the New Testament teaches us.

What Is Christian Maturity?

Christian maturity is learning how these two things are both true at the same time, and in this way, we will not be overwhelmed with guilt. We understand that we are justified, we continue to learn what is pleasing to God, and we never take sin lightly. We confess our sins as they occur, and God as our Father, in love, disciplines us for our sins and puts our feet on a safe, firm, and sound pathway. Holding these two things together is the Christian life.

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