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Spiritual Leadership In The Home

Spiritual Leadership In The Home

What does spiritual leadership in the home entail? How can a woman biblically submit to her husband when his regard for biblical things is lacking? What if a husband continues to show no desire to grow even after a wife encourages him to lead?

In this episode of the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Richard Caldwell and host Dr. Josh Philpot discuss spiritual leadership in the home. When a wife's desire and zeal for the things of the Lord seem to be stronger and more evident than that of her husband's there can be difficulties in a home. Dr. Caldwell seeks to help us think through the biblical responses women should have in these challenging circumstances. He hopes to encourage godly women to walk according to the Scriptures and remind them that God is sovereignly working in all the difficulties and hardships they might face.

Dr. Caldwell shares that an important thing a wife can do is pray for her husband. He stresses that the place, and practice of prayer should not be diminished. The Lord has a way of bringing about circumstances through prayer that can drive a man to a new place of devotion that he has never known before. Another thing she can do is appeal to him by sharing her concerns and desires. The wife should seek to communicate the burden she has and the seriousness which she sees the situation. There is a way to do this that is appropriate and loving.

The Importance The Local Church

Dr. Caldwell also points out the importance and helpfulness of the local church congregation. If the family is a part of a local, healthy congregation, it is not wrong for the wife to reach out for guidance. She can speak to a leader in the church asking for help and encouragement for her husband. She should do this in a way that is not disrespectful nor demeaning of her husband. Conversely, the wife can also ask her husband to reach out to a leader or another godly man in the church for discipleship.

Dr. Caldwell tells us that the wife will want to encourage her husband when he seeks to lead. She should let him take the initiative in things even if she sees and knows ways it could be done better. It is not wrong for a wife to point out and offer correction, but encouragement should always come first. She should give him time, space, and room to grow into the role.

Trusting the judgments and decisions of a husband who is not leading spiritually well can be difficult. But, as long as we are not being asked to sin, we can know that God is at work in ways that transcend those over us and the things that are unpleasant and disagreeable to us. God is not limited to the abilities and capacities of the person in authority over us. Having said this, Dr. Caldwell also says, this does not mean that the wife is unable to appeal, sharing her view and wisdom in the decision-making process.

Trusting God

So then, even if situations or circumstances do not turn out for what was thought best and hardships come because mistakes are made, we can go on trusting God. We can know God is sovereignly at work in the outcome of these situations for our good, the good of our family, and for His glory. We can survive these difficult times, and the Lord can grow us through them.

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