The Benefits of Being Single
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The Benefits of Being Single.

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The Benefits of Being Single

How should the church minister to Single people (not yet married, not married, and never married) in its congregations? What can a church do to be more accommodating to Single people? Where does the Single person, fit into the ministry of the church?

This week on the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Richard Caldwell and host Dr. Josh Philpot talk about the complexities and misunderstandings of the place of Singles in the church. Dr. Caldwell points out that ministering to Singles in the church can be confusing and somewhat difficult. He believes some of the difficulties of ministering to Singles may come from the wrong perspective of Singleness that is found even within the church itself. The expectation is that everyone is going to get married.

Marriage is the norm for most people, but not all will marry. Marriage in our churches is often looked at or understood to be a standard of maturity and passage of adulthood. However, by holding to this view we can contribute to Singles feeling as if there is something wrong with them. This is especially true if the person is older and has never married. If the person is not college-aged, but in their 30’s or 40’s it can lead to a sense of isolation and loneliness.

Singleness is not bad

Singleness is not bad or wrong. It is not a sub-standard or second-class life. The Apostle Paul himself speaks positively of being Single in 1 Corinthians 7:6-8. There is beauty and blessing of Singleness as taught in the Scriptures. So Singleness can be embraced and celebrated in godly living. Therefore, one of the best things the church can do is teach what the Bible teaches about Singleness with clarity.

Dr. Caldwell says another thing that churches can do is to decompartmentalize. Doing this will benefit not only the Singles in our congregations but also the entire church body. We need to realize that God has designed His church in such a way that we are all meant to be contributors. We all ought to be contributing to each others lives in the various stages of our lives. We have many different ages and stages of living within the congregations of our churches.

To separate and divide them up where people only spend time in and with their particular groups, is not healthy, and it misses the point of much New Testament teaching. We are to interact with one another within the body of Christ as the children of a family participate in family life, where everyone is included and contributes. Singles then must be welcomed, and feel welcomed. They need to be included, encouraged, and expected to participate in all areas of body life where they are able. By fostering this kind of mindset, we then can better minister to Single people.

Real Benefits To Being Single

Dr. Philpot and Dr. Caldwell discuss the fact that the Apostle Paul did not shy away from teaching on being Single. He instructs on Singleness with clarity and authority in 1 Corinthians chapter 7. It is here Paul also reveals there are real benefits to being Single. Dr. Caldwell tells us that we really can celebrate godly living as a Single person if that is God’s will for our life. He affirms that the advantages and blessings of being single are many. Single people have the freedom and capacity that married people do not. Within marriage, there are worries and concerns that a Single person will not have. Therefore, being Single has tremendous freedom that allows for devotion to the Lord without distraction. It will especially show its advantages in times of persecution and trouble.

Now then, having said all this, Dr. Caldwell sums up the importance of not treating Single people differently as if they are not into life yet. He reminds us that our churches ought to construct themselves in such a way that accords with Scripture. Churches need to stop compartmentalizing as much as has been done in the past. In doing so, it allows for much more free-flowing in terms of how ministry can occur. As we go about doing all of this, we also remind the Single people in our congregations that there are real advantages to being Single in Christian ministry. Being Single in the church is not a hindrance or something to be looked down upon, but something that can be fully celebrated by godly living and in ministry to the Lord.

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