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The Importance of Preaching.

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The Importance of Preaching

How is preaching vital for the health and stability of a church? Why is preaching so essential? Should preaching be the priority of the worship gathering?

 In this episode of the Straight Truth Podcast Dr. Richard Caldwell and host, Dr. Josh Philpot talk to us about the importance of preaching. Dr. Philpot asks these questions of Dr. Caldwell in all seriousness because many churches these days have downplayed the vital importance, essential place, and authority of God’s Word being preached in His church. Dr. Caldwell says it’s important because God says so. We don’t have to work to try to figure out what makes for a healthy church. God, in His Word, has emphasized what pleases and glorifies Him in His church. 

Dr. Caldwell says the New Testament is full of examples of the importance of preaching. Jesus, himself, while on this earth, went about preaching and doing good, always delivering to others what the Father gave Him to give. Looking at the Apostles you see the importance they gave to preaching all through the book of Acts. Examples include Acts 2, 3, 4, 5:20-21, 29, Acts 6:2-4 and so much more even with the Apostle Paul. When we come to the Epistles, we see him exhorting his assistants, Timothy and Titus, about how the household of God should function and what’s important in it. 

Preach the Word

In 2 Timothy 4 he charges them to “preach the Word”, this is an imperative, therefore is not to be ignored. How we hear from God is through the preaching of His Word. By looking at church history we can see that healthy churches had healthy pulpits with healthy preaching. However, says Dr. Caldwell, it should not be isolated from the other means of grace that God has given to His church. It’s not preaching or prayer, it’s preaching and prayer, it’s not preaching or singing praises, it’s both. We only know how to go about body life by being informed by the Word of God. Preaching the Word of God in its entirety sets the trajectory for all our worship. 

Dr. Caldwell says that the modern movement of discussing the Word of God amongst ourselves and having conversations about it are good. There is a place for this kind of mutual gathering, but it is not the main means God has provided for us to receive exhortation and encouragement from His Word. Preaching is unique in the sense, that while it is taking place, mouths are closed and ears are open, there aren’t questions being asked and opinions being tossed around. When the Word is proclaimed accurately and faithfully, God is speaking. 

There ought to be a humility and submission that is present during this time; our ears and hearts ought to be prepared to receive the Word of God. So he says, even listening to the Word of God is vital to the church's health. The attitude of our hearts should be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger, with submissive listening, being teachable, willing to examine the scriptures, “to see if these things are so”, recognizing that the final authority is the Word of God.

Convey The Full Scope of God’s Declared Word

All other aspects of worship that are incorporated into the church’s gathering together are important, but these alone cannot convey the full scope of God’s declared Word for the life of the Christian. The time spent concentrated on and handling with precision a passage of scripture allows it’s truth to be unleashed. The preacher comes before the congregation not to tell them what he thinks that passage means, but to unleash what God says in that text. He then is to faithfully and skillfully talk about the implications that arise out of that text and henceforth the applications that come out of that particular passage as well.

Preaching ought to be the priority and highpoint of our worship services. It’s the moment in time where we are concentrated on hearing God. During this time, our minds ought to be engaged and informed as we are confronted with truth. As the Word of God is preached it brings reproof, rebuke, exhortation, and extended instruction in how to walk in what we have learned. It is a very important time, and it is essential and vital to the health of the church and every member in it because God says so.

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