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The limits of the Grace of God

Does the grace of God have limits? If so, is it our sins that limit His grace? Does God grant grace to pedophiles, to murderers? What if the devil repented, would God extend grace even there?

In this episode of the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Richard Caldwell and host Dr. Josh Philpot discuss the amazement, wonder, and greatness of God’s grace. Dr. Caldwell begins first by informing us that even if the devil repented he could not be saved, because Christs’ atonement was for fallen men.  He shares that this is one of the wonders of God’s grace that we read and learn about from the book of Hebrews. What Christ did for mankind, He did not do for angels.  While fallen angels are rational creatures and they have volitional capacity, God did not provide a way for the forgiveness of their sins in the fall.

Dr. Caldwell assures us that God’s grace is not limited by our sin. The only unforgivable sin spoken of in the New Testament is the blasphemy of the Spirit of God. Beyond this, there is nothing that God cannot forgive. There is grace for pedophiles, grace for mass murderers, and there is grace for the most heinous of sins we could name. In the book of Corinthians, the Apostle Paul lists some of these sins that the Corinthians themselves would have been known for, before being saved by the grace of God. 

Children Deserving of Wrath

We are by our very nature children deserving of wrath, so it’s not just what we’ve done in our sinning, but it’s who we are. The sins that we have committed are worthy of death. However, Dr. Caldwell says that no matter who it is that’s being saved, a so-called moral person who sits in church each week but doesn’t know Christ, or the murderer on death row, the grace of God is greater and that’s why anyone can be saved. But, wherever God saves a soul, granting repentance and the forgiveness of sin, there is a turning by the sinner from those sins to God and to a new life.

Dr. Philpot states that this is what’s so amazing and incredible about God’s grace because we have the great “Hall of Faith” in Hebrews 11 as a testimony to it. Here we can read about despicable people from the Old Testament who committed heinous sins. Elsewhere in the New Testament, the Apostle Paul himself is an example of someone who approved of murder, possibly even, in numerous cases. All these examples of God’s grace should offer us great hope. Our sins are not greater than the God who saved these.

Dr. Caldwell agrees, affirming that where sin abounded, the grace of God super abounded and that God in His grace is the only hope for any of us.

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