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The Lord’s Prayer Explained

In this episode of the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Richard Caldwell and host, Dr. Josh Philpot return to the subject of prayer. This week, the discussion centers on the Lord’s prayer. Dr. Philpot mentions that it is one of the first things many Christians memorize. We teach it to our children, it’s often recited regularly in many church gatherings, even repeated line for line at secular funerals. He asks if it is just something to be repeated all the time, or is there something more to it that we might be missing?

Dr. Caldwell tells us that our Lord gives this prayer in response to the request of His disciples' desire to learn how to pray. The Lord’s prayer is the Lord’s prayer, in the sense that He gave it. It’s the disciples' prayer, in the sense that it’s the disciples who learn how to pray by it. As Christians, we ought also to have this longing desire to know how to pray and to pray. One of the greatest indicators that the Lord has saved us, is that we become praying people. It’s an area of our Christian lives where we will have a true sense of our inadequacies. Therefore, we should also have a desire to grow in, and improve in, this essential part of our relationship with our Lord.

The Disciples' Request

Dr. Caldwell reads through Matthew 6:5-13 where the Lord gives His answer to the disciples' request. Dr. Caldwell pauses between the verses to break down our Lord's answer. He brings to our attention that Jesus mentions a wrong kind of praying before going on to give His model of prayer. At verse 9 our Lord gives this instruction, “Pray, then, in this way…”, He doesn’t say, "pray this". That’s very important for us to see, as this isn’t a prayer to be repeated over and over, verbatim. This prayer is meant to be a teaching model, and we need to see it as such.

Dr. Caldwell says there is much wrapped up in this prayer that is set before us. In verses 9 through 13, we see it reminds us of our relationship to God and how this came about through Jesus, also reminds us of the transcendence of God and His holiness. There's the aligning of our will with God’s will, submitting ourselves to Him and asking for His ways to triumph in our lives, that His glory would be on display. The focus of the Lord’s prayer is Godward first and foremost, not self-ward. 

However, it also doesn’t ignore the things that concern us on a day to day basis. We see it teaching us daily dependence and contentment, an acknowledgment that we are sinners in constant need of forgiveness, but also reminding us as forgiven people that we are to be a forgiving people. 

The temptations that we face

There’s a recognition of the temptations that we face, asking for help to recognize and be discerning regarding temptation, that we might resist, flee and not sin. There’s an acknowledgment that we have a spiritual enemy and that we are in a spiritual war. This prayer is an acknowledgment of our desperate need for God and our dependence on Him.

Dr. Caldwell tells us that as we walk through this prayer we want to pay attention to its elements, there’s a world of truth here in a very concentrated form. It is not a prayer to be repeated line by line, but a teaching model about what prayer really is. He says he cannot begin to do it justice in just a few short minutes. He encourages us to take the time to study it and understand these elements in the way that Jesus intended, doing so he says, will serve us well.

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